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After many decades of reading health and fitness magazines in an effort to look better, I turned my focus toward wellness. I took small steps, found simple resources and slowly but surely felt awesome. Now, it’s my life,  I embrace all facets of clean eating, active living (exercising for the body and mind) and non-toxic living (using “green and clean” cosmetics and home products.) While I’m still considered a cancer patient, I look great and feel even better. My family is into it, too. I believe that we all can improve our well-being by eating clean, exercising more, finding our calmness and using less toxic products. I write to share my stories, resources and intel so that together we can make our lives and this world better.

Please use these posts and videos as a resource, not as a prescribed recommendation. While I have knowledge from my own experience living “green and clean,” years scrutinizing research, a certification in plant-based nutrition and a ton of passion, this information is meant to be a tool for readers. Use the data presented to question your own “wellness team” including doctors, naturopaths, physical therapists, trainers, coaches, hairstylists, and anyone who can help you improve your own well-being.

Clean Eating: Tips & Recipes

CLEAN EATING RESOURCES: Most everything I consume is non-GMO, wholesome, plant-based and made with quality ingredients. While the rest of my family isn’t vegan, they largely eat organic.

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Overall Tips to Start Somewhere:

How I Started Making Healthy Changes to my Diet: Immediate Changes, Small Steps & SubstitutionsHow I Shop, 50 Clean Eating Tips – If You Don’t Know Where to Begin, Eating Clean – Grocery Shopping Tips & Tools

Kids: Four Ways for Kids to Like Eating Healthy, Clean Eating for Kids, Healthy Snacking On-the-Go (video), Easy Healthy Snacks for Parks, Beaches and Summer Adventures

Understanding Sugar in Our Diets: Review and Info. on FedUp Documentary, Sweet/Dessert Substitutions

Juicing: How to Start Juicing & Like ItJuice Shots, Pineapple Green & Purple BG Juice recipes – See recipe section below for more juice and smoothie recipes.

Dining Out Tips: Better Choices – Fast Food, Dining Out HealthyTips to Dine Out Less, Dining Out Healthy – Video, Baseball Parks & Stadiums

Seasonal/Holidays: New Years Resolution TipsPassover/Easter, 4th of July, GrillingThanksgiving/Christmas, Healthy Holiday Festive Cocktails, Healthy Holiday Substitutions

Travel: Healthy Road Trip, Healthy Holiday Travel, Eating Healthy at the Ballparks (30 MLB teams)

Work: Clean Eating at Work, Healthy Life Hacks


1. Healthy Living Apps and Resources
2. Healthy Meal Planning
3. Wine
4. Post Workout Drink – Maple Water
5. How to Host a Healthy Book Club or In-home Event
6. Healthy Lifestyle Hacks for Everyone
7. Eating Clean on a Budget
8. Wellness Book Club
9. Healthy Grocery Checklist
10. Healthy Pantry Checklist

Easy Clean-Eating Tips DIY/Video:

1. Drink Warm Water & Lemon Daily
2. Use a Spiralizer to Add Veggies to Meals
3. Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy
4. How to Dine Out Healthy
5. How to Eat Healthy While Traveling
6. Clean Eating Tools: What I Use – Blenders, Etc.
7. Healthy Snacking “On-the-go”
8. How to Start Juicing and Like It
9. Healthy Holiday Treats (Christmas/Hanukkah)
10. How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Recipes: For more recipes check out our Pretty Wellness Smoothies & Snacks downloadable cookbook

Breakfast: Egg Fritatta, Zucchini Muffins, Carrot Cake MuffinsBanana Muffins
Snacks: No-nut Larabars, Oatmeal/Granola Cookies, Healthy Buttery Popcorn, Kale Chips, Fresh Strawberry Pie, Healthy Patriotic Cookie, Healthy Chocolate (Avocado Cacao) Mousse, Healthy Cacao Fudge
Salads/Lunches: Veggie Quinoa Salad, Chickpea Miso Soup, Couscous Salad, DIY Grain Salads/Farro Salad, Endive Avocado Salad, Veggie Soup
Dinners: Stuffed Peppers, Veggie Chili, DIY Easy Pizza, Veggie Pasta, Mini-Meatloafs, Immunity Boosting Onion Soup
Smoothies/Juicing: Kid-Approved Green Smoothie, Favorite Juice/Smoothies, Healthy Turmeric Creamsicle Smoothie, 3C Healthy Chocolate Smoothie, Catch Me Mint and Mango Infusion Smoothies
Drinks: Lemonade, Hot Chocolate/Chocolate Milk
Other: Roundup of Other Recipes, Infused Water Recipes & Tools


ACTIVE LIVING RESOURCES: I’ve learned, it’s not just about how we fuel our body with food, it’s also about treating our mind and body well. From exercising to meditating, our mind and body needs to be active to help promote optimal wellness. Exercise strengthens the heart and oxygenates cells, which helps prevent many diseases. Mindfulness techniques decrease our stress levels, which helps prevent the cortisol/insulin process from promoting disease.

Active Mind & Body

Work: Stress Reduction Tips, Redefining Success a Review of Thrive
Yoga: Research: Benefits of Yoga, Graduating to the Next Level
Walking: Research: 3-5 hours a week of walking for Disease Prevention
Mindfulness Modalities: Acupuncture, Guided Imagery, Smile Experiment, Spreading Love and Kindness, Virtual Volunteering / Helper’s High, The Grateful Game Challenge
Miscellaneous: Healthy Holiday Gift Guides 2014 – 2020
Tips: 25 Tips for a Healthy Mind & Body – If You Don’t Know Where to Begin, Finding Zen During the Holiday Season

1. Tips to Keep Kids Active in the Summer
2. Family Fitness Tips at Home
3. Kids Books That Promote Fitness
4. Healthy Kid Gifts 2014, Healthy Kid Gifts 2015
5. Fun after Strawberry Picking
6. A DIY Kids Garden
7. The Best Little League Coaches Instill Healthy Life Lessons
8. Creative and Useful Fitness Ideas for Kids
9. Wellness books for Tweens and Teens

NON-TOXIC LIVING: GREEN AND CLEAN COSMETICS & HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS NON-TOXIC LIVING RESOURCES: What we put on or near our body is often soaked into our bloodstream. And many of these products  are filled with toxins that are hormone disrupters, huge allergens and poisonous chemicals that disturb our systems. So I’ve started to scrutinize products and ingredients within my cosmetics and cleaners. The Environmental Working Group provides consumer guides that have been extremely useful tools to better understand these ingredients as well as provide information on breakthrough research and education.

Green Beauty Products:

1. Going Green – First Changes to My Beauty Routine
2. Green Beauty on the Cheap DIY Hair Conditioner
3. All-Natural/Organic & Clean Make-up
4. All-Natural/Organic & Clean Soaps, Cleansing, Hygiene Products
5. Non-Toxic Beauty: What’s in My Bag Now – Spring 2015
6. Non-Toxic Beauty: What’s in My Bag Now – Fall 2015
7. Non-Toxic Beauty: What’s in My Bag Now – Spring 2016
8. Three Ways to Clean Up Your Cosmetics

Green Beauty Practices:

1. How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine
2. Oil Pulling
3. Salt Baths
4. Four Tips to Spring Clean Your Personal Care/Beauty Regimen
5. Three Ways to Clean Up Your Cosmetics – Green Beauty Fall Trends and Necessities
6. DIY Salt and Sugar Scrubs

Non-Toxic Home:

1. DIY Counter Cleaner
2. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
3. Moving, Renovating and Taking Steps to Green Your Home
4. Eco-friendly School and Office Supplies

We would love to hear from you. Please comment below about clean living resources that you find useful. Also, please join us in further conversation – friend, like and let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. Angelica

    My healthy tip is to look into the awesome benefits of raw, organic milk. I’ve done a couple raw milk cleanses over the years and incorporate raw milk into my typical diet throughout the year. At the end of the cleanses I can definitely feel the effects, my skin is glowing, I have energy, I feel completely nourished. It’s wonderful!
    Also, as you’ve probably researched yourself, I avoid anything non-organic… I am completely positive that Glyphosate (round-up) is the number one culprit of the gluten intolerance epidemic in our country. It shows up in our blood and urine and the levels of allowed glyphosate in animal feed are a hundred times higher than the allowable levels in human food. Funny thing is, if it ends up in our blood.. it ends up in our meat. So those animals are eating hundreds of times more glyphosate than we are and in turn, we’re eating them. It’s disturbing when you get down to it.

    • HI Angelica. I’ve done a lot of reading and clearly you have, as well. In all the magazines, medical journals and documentaries I’ve covered, they all agree that the least amount of chemicals in our body improves the ability to prevent disease. I’m still amazed at all the toxins in every day products (as you mention – RoundUp weedkiller.) I’m just hoping that with the awareness campaigns and advocacy groups, like EWG, big corporations will quickly update their ingredients. Thanks for the tip on raw, organic milk. I’m vegan so don’t drink milk, but my family does.

  2. My healthy tip is to eat non gmo! Drink a lot of filtered water and walk as much as you can oh and stay out of the sun as much as you can.

    • GREAT tips. You are very right, eating non-GMO is HUGE. So many toxins creep into our body by the food we eat, so if we can keep them organic or non-GMO, our bodies will digest and utilize them easier. I also agree about water, but need to remind myself to drink more and more…Keep the tips coming. I love them.

  3. My healthy tip is simply to start slowly making changes to how you eat. This helps to make the change permanent. We simply started by adding fruit as an morning, afternoon and evening snack. Once this became a habit then we made the next change – less bread at meals. Etc.

    • That’s awesome and totally a great tip. I do believe that most people need to start out slow, taking small steps and seeing the accomplishments to motivate them to make a few more changes. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Angela Saver

    My healthy tip is to wear sunscreen & to stay out of tanning beds! My dad had melanoma & that put quite the scare in me, so my family always wear sunscreen when outdoors!

    • That’s a great tip. It seems to be easy to remember to put sunscreen on kids and just as easy to forget to put it on ourselves. I’m getting better with it as I try to use a moisturizer with SPF30.

  5. Drink plenty of water; get plenty of sleep.

    • What type of water do you drink? Tap water? Bottled water? Do you use a filter? I’m trying to explore filters and haven’t yet decided which I think is best.

  6. My favorite healthy living tip is to exercise almost daily and get plenty of sleep. I like your tip to : Drink more water – add strawberries, watermelon, lemon, orange, cucumber and herbs like basil and mint for infused waters.

    • Thanks. I do love infused water. Your tip ideas are great, too. Exercise or at least being active is KEY and promotes many health benefits. I explored some research and interviewed a doctor who really supports walking 30-60 minutes daily is the best medicine for disease prevention.

  7. Very useful resource page, Great work!

    • Thanks Lily. I’m glad you enjoy the healthy living resources page. Feel free to reach out if you have any ideas or thoughts.

  8. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It actually was a amusement account
    it. Glance advanced to far introduced agreeable
    from you! However, how can we be in contact?

  9. Mary Gardner

    These is such a helpful post. The one that I have such a hard time with is trying to continue to eat clean during Holidays and Celebrations.

  10. Great article! Thank you for sharing! :)

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