Creative Ways to Exercise with Kids on WTNH

Remember the days when you slept until noon, grabbed lunch mid-day, and leisurely headed to the gym or social activity?

Or how about the years when your schedule revolved around “must see tv.”

I’m laughing at myself, knowing that life was much easier for me back in college or earlier in my career, yet I still made excuses why I couldn’t exercise. Some of them included:

  • Study for a big exam the next day
  • Prep needed for a big meeting with an advisor/client
  • Job interview

These sound legitimate, however, there were plenty of other times the excuses were truly fabricated.

  • Will get dehydrated before Green Beer Day, Homecoming or insert other party here

I clearly didn’t understand the complexities of parenthood and how being busy took on a whole new meaning. If I couldn’t exercise then, how on earth could I exercise with a family?

Now that I embrace a healthy lifestyle, exercising isn’t something I ignore. It’s a priority, though like everyone else, there are times when it’s tougher to manage, especially during spring and summer breaks. My solution has been to focus on fun activities to motivate the entire family to be active. Yesterday, my son joined me to share some of my creative family fitness ideas with Teresa and Ryan on WTNH’s CT Style.

Kyle was thrilled to be on the set. Check out our behind-the-scenes video. Who knows, maybe he will work in media someday, too?

Do you like to workout with your family? Please share your favorite and/or creative ideas on how to fit in exercise with your busy kids.

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Creative Ways to Exercise with Kids on WTNH



  1. I’m watching this with interest! I never exercised until 2016. Four months in, I’m impressed that my kids have embraced it somewhat. My son will go jogging with me at the dog park, and my daughter will do extremely modified planks with me, while I’m doing non-modified ones!
    The zoo.. I love that idea. We did a farm yesterday and I made sure to exercise through most of it! I lost weight when we went to Disney World because I was pushing a stroller for 13 hour days,
    Tamara recently posted…Spoiling the New Mom in Your Life.

  2. Oh, what a fun segment!
    Akaleistar recently posted…Scent Trunk: How to Smell Like a Lady

    • Thanks for checking out the segment. I appreciate you stopping by and watching us. We had a ton of fun.

    • Thanks for watching our segment. It was awesome because the hosts have been asking about my son, so it was great to do the interview with him. We had a lot of fun.

  3. I saw the segment you shared on your Facebook page last week. Your little guy is super cute! I think he does indeed have a promising potential career in media :) I actually think exercising with my kiddos is way more fun than doing it by myself or with a room full of adults!
    Jen recently posted…The Story Of Jen’s Mad Car Care Skills

    • Thanks for checking out the segment. We had a ton of fun. I didn’t think Kyle would get as in to it as he did. He was totally trying to get Ryan, the host, to challenge him with pushups. I do love working out with my son. I’m looking forward to better weather so we can run together outside.

  4. I really enjoyed your list of activities. We are constantly looking for ways to exercise without the kids complaining. These are all great ideas. We live in Chicago, so it isn’t always warm outside, but you have some great indoor suggestions too. Stopping by from SITS.
    Kirsten recently posted…5 Reasons Adventurous Families will Love Capitol Reef Country, Utah

    • Yes. We live in the northeast and sometimes get the same cabin fever you likely feel in Chicago. During snow days we’ve hosted our own circuit training/obstacle course olympics, which has been funny and tons of fun. Thanks for coming back to visit.

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