Creative Ways to Exercise with Kids on WTNH

Remember the days when you slept until noon, grabbed lunch mid-day, and leisurely headed to the gym or social activity?

Or how about the years when your schedule revolved around “must see tv.”

I’m laughing at myself, knowing that life was much easier for me back in college or earlier in my career, yet I still made excuses why I couldn’t exercise. Some of them included:

  • Study for a big exam the next day
  • Prep needed for a big meeting with an advisor/client
  • Job interview

These sound legitimate, however, there were plenty of other times the excuses were truly fabricated.

  • Will get dehydrated before Green Beer Day, Homecoming or insert other party here

I clearly didn’t understand the complexities of parenthood and how being busy took on a whole new meaning. If I couldn’t exercise then, how on earth could I exercise with a family?

Now that I embrace a healthy lifestyle, exercising isn’t something I ignore. It’s a priority, though like everyone else, there are times when it’s tougher to manage, especially during spring and summer breaks. My solution has been to focus on fun activities to motivate the entire family to be active. Yesterday, my son joined me to share some of my creative family fitness ideas with Teresa and Ryan on WTNH’s CT Style.

Kyle was thrilled to be on the set. Check out our behind-the-scenes video. Who knows, maybe he will work in media someday, too?

Do you like to workout with your family? Please share your favorite and/or creative ideas on how to fit in exercise with your busy kids.

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Creative Ways to Exercise with Kids on WTNH