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Need someone to talk to your group, team or event about health, happiness and finding ways to incorporate both into your busy life? Book Caryn Sullivan as a speaker or host for your next meeting or webinar event. Check out for more information.

Speaker Topics

Work Hard & Live Well – Embracing Wellness Through Small Steps

Caryn draws audiences in by telling her own personal stories of how she embraced wellness through adversity. Caryn does this in a fun and energizing way and encourages the audiences to think about ways they can take small steps toward better health in order to thrive in their lives. She has empowered thousands of busy people throughout the country to embrace happiness and health with by using her SMALL steps formula.

The Road to Resilience – Choosing Positivity & Purpose
Caryn inspires people to find happiness during hard times. First diagnosed with cancer when she was a newlywed, Caryn was determined that it wouldn’t make her life horrible. She shares her stories and best practices for individuals to take care of themselves and uncover happiness along the way, even when life is tough. Instilling positivity in the workplace and home is linked to tremendous health and quality of life benefits as well as increased resiliency and thought-leadership.

Work-Life Integration – Creating an Intentional Life
Caryn encourages audiences to think about how to take small steps toward health, happiness and a more balanced, intentional life. Her inspirational approach is simple and relatable, sharing strategies for time management, prioritizing and integrating healthy lifestyle efforts. In a light and energizing way, her ideas will get students of all ages fired up to make positive changes that can help them balance and thrive in their lives personally, professionally and/or academically.

Customized Presentations, Workshops & Webinars
Caryn’s SMALL steps formula can be adapted to fit the the goals and needs of your business or group activity. Some examples shown below:

+Finding Happiness through Hardship
+How to Be a Patient Advocate for Patients & Caregivers
+Skill-based Seminars – on Publicity, Public Speaking & Purpose-driven work


 “Caryn is one of those rare talents who can draw an audience in quickly with her contagious personality and capture their attention throughout with her vivid storytelling and personal experiences. Caryn leaves the room feeling powered, positive and motivated to make changes in their own life. I would hire Caryn again in a heartbeat to speak to any business audience interested in inspiring employees to take simple steps to a healthier life as I’ve seen the immediate impact it had on the employees at Caribou Coffee.”
 -Michele Vig, former Caribou Coffee, President and Founder of Neat Little Nest
“At her core, Caryn Sullivan is an emblem of rejuvenation! Her enthusiasm, creativity and spirit inspire. She’s a storyteller, a motivator, and a natural leader. She sets out to empower and inspire her audiences.”
-Dr. Bryan Ripley Crandall, Fairfield University Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions
“Best Buy is working to support employees as they take accountability for their health. Information is ubiquitous yet it is difficult to discern what is credible, relevant and current. Caryn delivered important information to a rapt audience. She educated our employees and guided them on how to make positive, meaningful and attainable changes in their lives to improve their overall wellbeing. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our employees and plan to invite her back again.”
-Sara Vandeventer, Best Buy Co., Inc., Health & Wellness
“Caryn does such a great job engaging the audience. We were so pleased with her section of the day!”
-Amanda Levine, Comcast, Human Resources
“Caryn is an incredibly engaging speaker. Her knowledge around healthy living is invaluable for any busy professional who is dealing with the stress of juggling career and personal life. She delivers complex information in a very easy to understand way and her authentic style of presentation made it easy for the our group to quickly connect with and learn from her. The information Caryn shares enhances your opportunity to be the best version of yourself.”
– Scott Dalke ESPN Inc., Leader of ASM Cornerstones of Leadership program

Appearance Bio

Appearance Bio

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  1. Wow, great post!!! Thank you so much shearing this video!!

  2. Caryn, I saw you on Good Morning Connecticut this morning. Your strength is an inspiration but it is what you said that made me want to reach out to you. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and she dreads the month of October. She finds all the pink and all the talk about breast cancer as a reminder of all she has been through. Our family realizes all the positive work that occurs in October and we are grateful for all the research that is funded, but it also a difficult time for some who have lived though it. I have never heard some one else express my mothers feelings and it was validating to hear she is not alone. Thank you for acknowledging all the emotions breast cancer awareness month brings.

    • Kathy, Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m glad that you appreciated the segment. There is so much good that awareness and fundraising campaigns bring to the local and global community. I definitely appreciate it. However, I just wanted everyone to know that it’s ok for anyone, especially survivors, to be overwhelmed (and/or feel any feeling) by all the attention and oftentimes difficulty it brings to us. I’m sending your mom lots of love this month. Sometimes knowing others feel the same way is helpful. xoxo

  3. Hello Caryn,
    Thank you for a wonderful video. Maybe i should start drinking warm water instead of the usual coffee. I even wanted to start walking every time when i get home. This is a very motivational video for me to start being healthy again.

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