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When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31, I was clueless where to begin. Should I go with the physician I felt most comfortable? Should I get a zillion opinions? What questions should I ask doctors? Should I tell everyone? Do I want them to help? I didn’t know, which cancer resource to read. This page can be used as a simple guide to help provide some hope and advice on dealing with breast cancer.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive go-to about how to navigating the first few weeks after diagnosis and throughout the initial phase of cancer, I’m proud to introduce you to my first book, Happiness through Hardship: A Guide for Cancer Patients, Their Caregivers and Friends During an Initial Cancer Diagnosis. Half the net profits will be donated to a charity near and dear to my heart, The Cancer Couch Foundation.

 Breast Cancer First Diagnosis & Treatments

1. Tips for a recently diagnosed cancer patient
2. How to be your own patient advocate
3. Recommended books
4. Chemotherapy
5. Comprehensive list of questions for doctors about treatment/diagnosis

Success Stories & Inspiration

1. Since cancer came to town
2. October I just want to cry
3. Lessons learned from cancer
4. Finding some fun with cancer
5. How a Disney princess helped me discover my new normal (with cancer)
6. Choose Joy


1. 50 thoughtful and kind gift ideas and gestures to help a cancer patient
2. Places to donate to honor someone battling cancer
3. Stage IV Needs More Cancer Research

 Healthy Lifestyle

I see wellness as a 360-degree approach. It’s not just one avenue that increases our longevity and quality of life. I’ve focused on clean eating for my diet, regular fitness activities, frequent mindfulness techniques and non-toxic self-care and cleaning products. My body and my home are focused on healthy aka clean living. As a cancer patient, survivor, and thriver…I look good and feel great. Below are some of my favorite posts with a little research and a lot of information. Check out the full Healthy Living Resources page for all our content including written posts and videos. I also feature healthy tips and information daily on Instagram.

Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast

Hear me chat about a few topics as they relate to my cancer experience in Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast. I have a few mini-episodes (see below) dedicated to cancer that might bring a little ease to you/your loved one a little ease. Or, check out Episode 6 – Samantha Harris on Cancer and Healthy Living. Stay tuned for more episodes specifically on cancer experiences this October 2020.

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Other National Resources:

1. Cancer Statistics and Facts
2. Clinical Trials:
3. Cancer Nutrition Tips
4. National Cancer Institute: Caregivers, family and friends
5. Art Therapy
6. Preventative Screenings: What’s Recommended
7. Guide to keeping your home through illness
8. Finding Positivity through Adversity – Survivor Stories
9. CancerCare: Support Groups, Financial Assistance, Counseling
10. Young Survival Coalition: Understanding Treatments, Scans and Reports
11. The Get in Touch Foundation: Breast Health Education (Girls/Boys Grades 5-12)
12.’s List of Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Survivors
13. The Cancer Couch Foundation: Improving Treatments and Breakthroughs for Metastatic Breast Cancer
14. Love Her Hug Her boxes: a registry and gift package for patients and caregivers.

Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast Mini Episodes

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    • Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind words. If you are looking for more cancer resources, check out my ebook, “Happiness through Hardship.” I’m working on the hard copy now, too.

  4. It is a painful disease but I appreciate that in tough times of sickness you stayed motivated and positive and instead of complaining you looked for resources and ways to cure it, I hope you are doing fine now and also thanks for sharing your experience and useful resources.

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