Green Beauty Drugstore Cosmetics

Do you know how many products you use in a day, from toothpaste and shaving cream to fragrances and hair gels? I used to own a variety of cleansers and makeup and fooled myself thinking I used quality beauty items. I assumed since I often bought cosmetics and hair products from high-end salons that I didn’t have to worry about toxic chemicals.

I was wrong.

Like many, I believed if a product was for sale at a drugstore, supermarket or boutique cosmetics counter, it must be safe. And even worse, I didn’t understand that every product I put on my body soaked into my skin and was absorbed into my bloodstream within minutes. I’ve read that women use between 10-20 cosmetic items daily. This is equal to absorbing about five pounds of makeup per year that includes carcinogens, pesticides and hormone disrupters. 

How to Shop for Green Beauty Drugstore Cosmetics

What does this mean?

Studies have shown that certain cosmetic ingredients including phthalate plasticizers, parabens and pesticide triclosan are common pollutants to the human body that may enhance allergic reactions and cancer growing properties.

So, do you want to take any chances when you can make a few changes to your beauty, cleansing and product routine?

I started by shopping at health food markets and online boutiques, looking for only vegan and organic products. It did become costly, so I started to research all of the ingredients in these items. It was easier to substitute a whole food item like coconut oil for makeup remover and moisturizer, as well as essential oils instead of perfume. However, sometimes a girl just misses her lipstick, so I used Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database both online and in app form to help find new green and clean beauty products.

What I learned is that while I do love some of the pricier organic brands (see my favorites here), there are some items that can be purchased at the drugstore. Check out our 1.5 minute video above about how to find healthier cosmetics.

Please leave a comment and let us know what is your favorite product and whether or not you have looked for a healthier alternative.

Here are some of my favorite green beauty products for 2017.

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