Salt Bath Health Benefits

When was the last time you took a salt bath or even a simple hop in the tub? And this doesn’t include dropping your feet in the bath to wash your child. I love curling up in a small pool of water with effervescent bubbles. I know the warm and calm is relaxing, but didn’t realize adding salts was a legitimate wellness aid. Using two cups of mineral Epsom Salt has been shown to reduce arthritic pain, decrease stiffness in joints as well as soothe bruises and sprains. It can also be used to draw out splinters, remove stings of insect bites and deep clean pores. A salt bath (filled with a few cups of Epsom Salt) can also help improve absorption of nutrients, oxygen use and formation of brain tissue. Some doctors also recommend it to prevent migraine headaches.

A Himalayan sea salt bath has health benefits, as well. Soaking in a Himalayan salt crystal bath (the pink salt) can help boost energy. This energy or frequency coming from the minerals in the salt bath can increase metabolism and trigger self-healing (immunity boosting) powers.

Experts claim that a bathing detox routine should last 40 minutes, half the time to remove the toxins and the other half to let the minerals absorb in the body. If you love bubbles, try Aura Cacia Bubble Bath Relaxing Lavender. For more information on how to create your own little zen-pool, check out wellness guru Kris Carr’s detoxifying salt bath recipe. We’ve also created a few simple and natural salt and sugar scrub recipes that work wonders for a relaxing bath.

So, draw yourself a bath this weekend. Enjoy a little peace and quiet with or without wine and good music.

Do you ever bathe and if so, what is your ritual?

Simple Tools for Salt Bath Time

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