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CS_HeadshotIt has taken me several years to publicly write about my stories. While I love to talk, I never wanted to be “that girl with cancer.” I was proud that I gracefully smiled at surgery, chemo and hair loss in 2005. But, even more delighted that I jumped back into the corporate race and performed extremely well in an intense work environment without many knowing that I had overcome breast cancer.

While I learned a lot about cancer in my 30’s, my 40th birthday marked a new era of learning about wellness. As most of my friends organized great vacation escapes to celebrate the new decade, I, on the other hand, spent our celebration money on a full-day doctor’s appointment at the Princeton Longevity Center. After a physical exam, EKG, bone scan, CAT scan and doctor’s meeting, the summary was that I had the body (heart) of a 29-year old (yippee) and a suspicious lesion on my sternum. Fast-forward one month and the conclusion – stage IV, metastatic breast cancer – the same one from 2004. It was then that I realized I needed to embrace my cancer life, not just look to get past it.

This diagnosis shook us and I knew I couldn’t live in “what-if-bad-things happen to me” land. So, I put graduate school on hold to focus on getting and staying well. With full love and support from my husband, I utilized my resource-driven, organizational business skills and got to work figuring out my cancer life plan. Pretty Wellness is our brand that represents research, experiences, meetings, interviews, observations, thoughts and goofy moments on the journey towards wellness.

The good news is that my treatment is working. Whether it is the conventional treatment, vegan diet, hot yoga, daily walking routine or positive mindset, the cancer isn’t growing. My stage IV isn’t typical and my doctors tell me “I’m exceptional.” (For those who know me, you can insert a laugh here.) My cancer may go away, or may not, but I’m hoping to live a long life with or without it.

For me, while it used to be about being pretty, now it is about being well. As a somewhat fashion-forward, beauty-product lover and diet & fitness follower, I have tried some of wellness tactics mentioned in these blog posts. In the past, it was an effort to look better. Now, I am truly committed for the long term. I eat, sleep, breathe and exercise differently as my goal is about sustaining long-term health and wellness. Little by little, I look to make positive changes to tweak my family’s lifestyle, as well.

So, please join in the conversation about taking small steps toward good health, great happiness and being beautiful organically. I’ve taken my passion, research, plant-based certification education and life experiences to create content about ways to make small changes to improve overall wellness. Some postings will be about cancer and hard times, others about juggling motherhood with a busy life and work/life balance. I think many can relate, so invite you to join the respectful, informative and often entertaining conversations at on the blog at Pretty Wellness@prettywellness on Twitter, @prettywellness on Instagram, PrettyWellness TV on YouTube as well as Facebook.com/prettywellness on Facebook. My work can also be seen on HuffPost, Thrive Journal or as a healthy living contributor to the Dr. Oz show, Home & Family, HuffPostLive, WTNH-TV News Channel 8, WTIC-TV Fox CT and News 12 CT.

I’ve also taken my healthy living message on the road to inspire corporate teams and university students to take better care of themselves to look, feel and lead better. I’ve introduced my SMALL steps formula to inspire people to make little positive changes in their lives. I’ve presented at big corporations such as Best Buy headquarters, Caribou Coffee corporate, Comcast and ESPN to name a few. I’ve given lectures and participated in leadership conferences at Fairfield University, Central Connecticut State University and Miami University. I’ve served as a wellness ambassador creating digital video content for small and large businesses. I’ve also now written a book, “Happiness through Hardship” available on Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app for PCs, Macs and smartphones with half of the net profits being donated to metastatic breast cancer research.


I would love to hear from you. Are you hosting an event and can use some motivational messages? Hire me to inspire your team to take small steps toward better health and happiness to drive personal and professional success. For more information, visit CarynSullivan.com

If you would like to discuss appearances, public relations or other business, I can be reached at [email protected]

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  1. You are an inspiration my dear friend xo

  2. Jennifer Edelston

    Proving once again that you are Caryn IS SO Fine. Also, remarkable.

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thanks Jenny E. I think you used to say “Caryn is Oh – So – Fine”. xoxo

  3. Caryn – you truly are an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing to keep healthy. Stay Strong – I’ll be following. xoxo

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thanks so much Mary. Honestly, my Target Center/Wolves/Lynx family means so much to me. I have amazing memories of my years there. But more importantly, when I first got sick and this was all so new to me in 2004, Karen S., Sandy C and Jean S, who knew the ins-and-outs of breast cancer all came to support me. Say HI to everyone there that remembers Ribfest, The People’s Ball aka Jesse Ventura’s Governor’s Ball and the days of Garnett, Gugliotta & Marbury. xoxo

  4. Amy Hochhauser

    Caryn — you are amazing and beautiful inside and out! Keep up the positive thoughts — you are a fighter! xoxoxox

  5. Maria Chabla (Pilar)

    What a courageous and beautiful women you are!

  6. Amy Tucker

    LOVE seeing your face! I hear your voice as I read your blog. Keep it up.

  7. Lisa Helgeson Harrison

    Hi Caryn,

    You are amazing. I hope you’re doing well. I have thought of you often over the years and I am glad I get a chance to read your blog. You were always an inspiration to me, since the days of being your assistant with the Lynx back in 2000…Congratulations on your site/blog and all of your accomplishments… stay strong and keep fighting…

  8. Megan Dusing

    Much love Caryn. You are beautiful
    And your site is amazing. I’ve spent the better part of the last hour devouring it. Best of luck on your journey. I am a fan.

  9. Megan Dusing

    Much love Caryn. You are beautiful
    And your site is amazing. I’ve spent the better part of the last hour devouring it. Best of luck on your journey. I am a fan.

  10. Strong, classy, vbrant, funny, persistent, loveable (how can’t you love someone who could–in theory–fit into an Elmo suit?), talented and positive. Just the tip of the iceberg of the words I know to describe you Caryn! Someone who can belt out the Canadian national anthem at an NBA game on short notice and also teach a gal how to love sushi. Thank you for sharing your insights and inspiration–what a gift to follow!!

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Katie – “Who could in theory fit in an Elmo suit”…I’d like to think I still can. Thanks for the absolutely amazing kind words as well as the walk down memory lane. I still eat sushi, just now vegetarian rolls.

  11. Joe Oberle

    Caryn–you look great!! I am glad you are feeling good, too. Thinking of you.

  12. Valerie (Lile) Phippen

    Caryn, this is such an amazing site, and will surely be a huge success. I always think of you so fondly, and remember your beautiful voice and infectious laugh. I wish you all the best, as you truly deserve nothing less. Stay strong and know you have friends near and far routing for you!!!

  13. You are definitely exceptional, Caryn.

  14. Laura Terry

    You are truly amazing and an inspiration to all around you. XOXO

  15. Nicole Pond

    You are amazing! This looks great. I’m so proud of you guys and love you very much.

  16. Karin Strelec

    Caryn, this is an amazing site. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your informative, inspirational, honest and even funny posts. You are truly remarkable & I look forward to following your journey. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way. Thank you for allowing people to share in your journey and for also helping so many others with your experience and vast knowledge. It is a gift…

  17. Well. That blows. Your telling of your story is a beautiful gift to all and I have already added your blog to my “favorites”. I will be keeping you, your family and your journey in my daily thoughts and prayers. Now go kick butt on that damn cancer. Do what you are doing and for sure keep smiling your wonderful smile. As Maya Angelo says, “Ain’t nothing to do but to do it”.

  18. Just finished reading my last Pretty Wellness post. Fabulous blog, but I do think that Mr. Bouchard would be upset by the absence of any French! But seriously magnifique. You’ve got class, smarts and talent! Always have! Keep it up because I want to read more. Great to hear your voice in these.

  19. Tremedous blog. I’m heartbroken to hear you have to face cancer again but inspired by the way you are living your life. Would love to catch up again sometime. All the best. eric

  20. Caryn- I am old friend of Nicole’s. She sent me the link to your blog. I am looking forward to reading more.

    As a three time cancer survivor (three different cancers, none related…I KNOW!), I know many things are possible through hope and community. My community (along with a healthy lifestyle) saved me (still does)…how wise of you to reach out to and grow yours in this way.

    Plus, you have Nicole in your community. How lucky is that?

    I put your name in my prayer circle. One thing that we do—and I strongly suggest this–is that you ask your loved ones say your name out loud once a day. Not in any other context but to say your name.

    That you are asking them is part of the beauty of how this works.

    It’s a quietly simple and beautiful ritual that holds your spirit and grace in the world and puts your energy where it belongs: with those who say your name.

    Many graces for our days. Caryn.


    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thank you for your kind words as well as the wonderful suggestions. I do believe that my community has helped me through the rocky times of cancer. They also have provided a tremendous amount of laughter along the way, too. My thoughts are with you, too. Best wishes.

  21. I am a friend of Nicole Pond’s who shared your story and wellness passion. You are an inspiration and I wish you many years of health ahead. Looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

  22. Julie Gustafson

    Love your site! Keep the recipes and stories coming! Remaining positive and true to you, will keep you strong :)

  23. Bubbles,

    You are an inspiration to us all. You are beautiful both inside and out. We love you! Enjoyed reading all of your information. Wish you only the best!

  24. Caryn – I am both devastated and so inspired after reading this. You are truly amazing. I am sending you every positive thought I have.

  25. Caryn –
    It’s great to re-connect with you. I’m glad you are doing well. You are an inspiration! I have great memories of working with you…and you singing at my wedding! :) I love hearing about your health and beauty product tips and I will continue to follow your journey. Take care my friend! Teresa

  26. Caryn, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You are such an inspiration and you are an incredibly strong person for not sitting back but doing everything you can to live a healthy life. Your blog is great and I have already started taking your advice and using your helpful information. Let’s find that tap dancing class we were talking about!!

  27. Amy Quinn

    I LOVE your site, Caryn. I wish you all the success in the world with this endeavor. With you at the helm, we know it will be a phenomenal success!

  28. Carol Geer

    You are a warrior, Caryn! I’ve spent some quality time reading this much anticipated blog. It is so well done! I am blown away! I always look forward to our walks and talks. We strengthen our bodies, relieve our stress, speak our minds, work out our problems, share a wonderful friendship and kick cancer’s butt in the process!!! Your positive attitude is contagious. Well done, dear friend!

  29. Stacy Simon

    You are amazing! I have so many wonderful memories of us as kids! I look forward to follow you on this new journey and am truly inspired by your strength and beauty!!

  30. Hi Caryn,
    I’m Nikki’s friend. I know we met at her wedding years ago! She passed along your blog and it’s truly inspiring. You’re great attitude and positive outlook is amazing. I look forward to reading more stories – I love the recipes for kids – I’m a huge fan of giving my 2 boys healthy treats!
    xo, Erica

  31. Anna Simon

    You are a true inspiration. What an amazing blog…thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Sending love from MN!


  32. No words can describe how much pride and love I have for you and support this pure awesomeness you’ve birthed called Pretty Wellness. You will have such a large impact on the world around you by sharing your gifts and talents and opening up to others who need to see this light, this hope and this happiness. I love you X 1,000 dear friend and I am looking forward to many more walks and talks. -Michele

  33. Ellie Zografakis Huff

    Wow!!!! Caryn….remember me from college Simms hall? Amazing…of course you have a positive outlook …it’s you!!!!!! So proud of your fight! Stupid cancer I know you are learning amazing things on the way and see everything clearly!!!


  34. sara gaviser leslie

    Hi Caryn!
    I saw a post that Amy Schachtman had made, referencing your blog. I had to take a look. It sounds like you have had a rough time of it but, man, you have come out so much stronger on the other side. Really, I am amazed. I love hearing what you are doing.

  35. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I really appreciate that you took the time to read and comment. You have a great site! Truly inspiring!

  36. Wow!! Caryn you are amazing as always!! Beautiful and truly an inspiration!! Keeping you in my prayers!
    xoxo Lisa Judkiewicz-McNutt

  37. I continue to share this site with family and friends. Love you and your strong message.


  38. Caryn Sullivan

    Thanks everyone for the continual support. I love researching, reviewing and writing for this blog. It’s a great distraction from the cancer life. But more importantly a fabulous focus for a clean one. Send me your healthy lifestyle questions or post ideas and I will investigate. xoxo

  39. Amanda Wilson

    Caryn-I am so inspired by your outlook and strength. You have always been an inspiration to me, Lynx days and now. I found your blog by chance, but I think it was meant to be. I’ll be following. XXoo Amanda

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thanks Amanda Wilson. I’m glad you found my blog and will (hopefully) enjoy some of my walks down memory lane. I actually think some of that summer of travel when I ordered french fries and Diet Cokes (since they didn’t have DDP readily available like they do now.)

  40. You are such an inspiration! I love your blog! Health & wellness is huge and more people need to learn how to embrace positive changes! Stop eating crap, powering down and start moving and eating healthy! Thanks for inspiring us! xo

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thanks for the sweet words, Sarah. I’m really glad you like it. The best part about the blog (ok – one of the best parts) is that it forces me to stay true to my clean living/eating mission. As much as I would love to drive through a McD’s and grab a big bad super sized fries, if I did, I would let down myself and my readers. :) Ok, so I know we don’t have to eat/drink/live perfectly all the time…but the blog motivates me to stay on course. xoxo

  41. Jesus Robles

    You are an inspiration to many, one day at a time, you are such a great and outgoing person, this little site will help others in many ways, you are in my prayers, keep up the great work. :)

    • Caryn Sullivan

      Thank you so much for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. I do love writing and taking video, so hope to keep up the site and social media channels. It’s fun for me and hopefully helpful for others, too.

  42. I can so relate to cleaning it all up for your health! I’ve been going through this crisis of health this year, and no one can figure out what is wrong with me. The worst part is that I always have a low fever. What tipped them off to find the cancer where they did?

    • HI April. My cancer was first found when we noticed a lump. The second time around, I went for a full-body scan pro-actively at the Princeton Longevity Center as a “gift” to myself on my 40th birthday. I was first diagnosed at 31, so wanted to go into a new decade with a clean bill of health. I didn’t have/show any side effects, but the scans from PLC showed a potential reoccurrence. (From there, I connected with my docs and they scheduled PET, CT and MRI scans.) I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling well all year. It sounds like you have gone to a few of doctors. Did you get a few different opinions from new doctors? Did you try seeing a naturopath? Sometimes a natural practitioner will order really unique blood work (different from what your doctor might recommend.) You can then take those results and share with your doctor so they can help you figure out a plan.

  43. Gail Craig

    You are so inspiring to so many. I am in awe of your dedication to a healthy lifestyle and you success in sharing it with others..
    I miss seeing you at Christmas. I think of you often.
    Sending hugs and prayers.

    • Gail, Thank you so much for your kind words. I have found my journey into healthy living to be cathartic during hard times. I also believe it’s helped me not only feel but be well. Sending love and prayers to you and Gerry, too. xoxo

  44. Wow! Caryn, you’re powerful woman. Many blessing to you and your family.

  45. Joan Russak

    Please read the newest book Feeding You Lies by Vani Hari. It would be good for you to promote reading labels and learning about the tricks that marketing companies use to get control of your brain. The only motivation from most big companies is money – at the cost of your health.

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