35 Fit, Fun and Mostly Free Activities for Kids

Growing up in the 80’s, it wasn’t hard to be active. Because social media didn’t exist and phones didn’t have call waiting, if I wanted to see my friends, I ran around the neighborhood to find them. If I couldn’t wait to share a big girly secret, I would walk miles to tell my gal pals or show up at their camp activities.

Today, kids of all ages (and I’m speaking of myself, too) often use technology as their main tool to socialize and communicate. As a result, we don’t have as many opportunities to be active as we once did. While I do enjoy the conveniences and pizzazz of our multi-media lives, I want to be sure to instill a love of activities filled with personal interaction for my son. In an effort to practice what I preach, here is a list of activities to keep a kid (and his mother) fit while having fun. We’ve updated this list from a few years ago, knowing that with COVID-19 restrictions, many families are still looking for interactive activities to enjoy together.

My nine-year old and I shared some of our favorites from the list below on WTNH-TV Newschannel 8.

35 Fit, Fun & Mostly Free Activities for Kids

1. Go to the local high school track and run races

2. Go to trails or a playground and ride bikes with a picnic in tow

3. Have a fitness scavenger hunt. Tape fitness activities to scavenger hunt items (Do five push ups then find the next clue.)

4. Start a garden; weed and plant together

5. Play tag through the sprinklers

6. Swim in a lake or ocean or even get a backyard plastic pool

7. Bodyboard in the small waves

8. Hike at a nature center, arboretum or small mountain

9. List favorite fitness activities on index cards and put in a box. Each family member pulls one card out of the box after each night (i.e. play catch, go for a walk, etc.)

10. Buy kites (and fly them)

11. Sign up for a virtual 5K race with a kids race prior

12. Create a mini-Olympics with age appropriate activities

13. Play basketball, baseball, soccer or other favorite sports outside

14. Play lawn bowling

15. Go to a driving range or create your own putt-putt mini-golf in the backyard

16. Go ice skating

17. Visit a zoo (if open) or find a nature walk to look for insects and wear pedometers to see how many steps taken

18. Go fishing

19. Take a family karate class

20. Create an obstacle course with hula hoops, swing sets and tunnels

21. Play Wii, Xbox or other sports driven video games

22. Play Tag, Follow the Leader, Hopscotch, Four Square, the Hokey Pokey and Simon Says

23. After a rain (or during, if we’re daring), go puddle jumping

24. Create a new music playlist and have a dance party

25. Find a good family yoga or kids class on You Tube

26. Skating and scooting – rollerblade and scooter together

27. Play frisbee – young kids can use the soft ones

28. Jump rope

29. Play laser tag

30. Play ping-pong push-ups (Whomever loses has to do five pushups.)

31. Host a water balloon fight

32. See if a local fitness center has outdoor classes or offers video ones

33. Find an outdoor climbing wall

34. Clean the house race – set a timer and see who can clean their room the quickest

35. Play outdoor BBQ games like horseshoes, shuffleboard or a bean bag toss

What are your favorite summer activities to keep your kids active? 

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35 Fit, Fun & Mostly Free Activities for Kids

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