Green Beauty: Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Do you jump out of bed, brush your teeth, shower with shampoo, conditioner and then spray perfume throughout your hair? Let’s assume you use several products in the morning and throughout the day. What if these items contained a few toxic chemicals? Studies have found that cosmetics ingredients such as phthalate plastics, paraben preservatives and triclosan (a pesticide) are common pollutants in the human body. Many of these chemicals are potential hormone disrupters. Just like the food we put IN our body, the products we put ON them seep toxins into the blood stream. This is why after I was diagnosed with my second round of breast cancer, that I over-hauled my personal care regimen and cover green beauty on the blog. This morning, I spoke to Teresa Dufour on CT Style and shared a few tips.

Green Beauty: Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine

Whether you need a few new items or want to overhaul your personal care regimen, check out the video below or our non-toxic product section or healthy living resources on this site. In addition to the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep database, my other favorite educational resources for green beauty / non-toxic products include the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics and The Human Experiment documentary.

What are your favorite personal care items? Would you consider DIY or looking for substitutes to improve your health?

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Green Beauty: Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Routine



  1. What a fabulous segment! You are famous! It makes me so proud to know you :)
    Jen recently posted…My Name In Lights

    • You are so sweet. Thanks for the compliment. I really love talking healthy aka clean living so enjoy when I can do it for other audiences/viewers outside of the blog. xoxo

  2. What a fantastic segment, I learned so much!
    Kristen recently posted…Easy DIY Crayon Party Favors

    • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the segment. I love investigating green beauty options. Next, I’m looking into green options for fake eyelashes/adhesive. I will keep you posted.

  3. This is one area of my routine that I need to be more diligent with. All of my products are full of stuff and I know it’s not good for me but I often feel like I don’t have the time, money, (or brain space lol) to make a change.

    Super informative post. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…How to Let Your Children Know They Can Depend on You #parentingresolution

    • Thanks for the kind words. I can’t remember if I got back to you – so sorry for the delay. I do believe that what we put on our body is important. Think of your body like a car – if you don’t get an oil change (or use bad oil) it doesn’t work well. Everything is a process. First educate yourself – have fun with the apps and learning about your products. Then try samples, a green beauty subscription service (they can be cheap) or look up some of my ideas to help you find things you like. xoxo

  4. Just stumbled into your website and am so happy! Currently Anti-cancer A new way of life by David Servan-Schreiber MD PhD. Going through chemo now for invasive ductal carcinoma, 1 more round of Taxotere then surgery. I do not want this to come back. So thank you and keep up the great work. Will get busy now, lots to explore!

    • I’m so glad you found my site useful. Like you, I want to work through this disease and follow both medical practices as well as healthy living ones. I loved Anti-cancer by David S-S. I used that as my first guide to jump into clean eating. Overall, I believe in plant-based eating…whole foods. I also met with a lot of oncologists/nutrition oncologists who really believe in walking a lot. 30-60 minutes a day. Keep in contact and I will do what I can to provide insight and inspiration. xoxo

  5. Hi Buddy..
    What a wonderful article you have shared with us… I just love to investigate about green beauty treatment… I think getting natural beauty products that are nice to be a bit of a challenge. I appreciate you sharing your insights and experience with these!I think that Whole Foods isn’t necessarily to blame. I think the products they buy are speciality items, small-production items, and organically farmed. Great post-thanks! Keep sharing more information..
    Annette H. Rizer

    • Thank you. I do love my adventures in green and clean beauty. Like anything in life, sometimes it is just trial and error. That’s true with conventional products, as well. I definitely have a few favorite brands – Mineral Fusion (mascara and lipstick), Georgie Beauty (tools) and Beautycounter (sunscreens and powder.) Keep coming back and I will share more and more of my new finds and favorites. Thank you.

  6. Hey Caryn Sullivan,

    Really amaizng artcile.. You did a great job on maiking this. Well, Wellness and beauty is the main and most important part of every one’s life. Nobody can live without luxury lifestyle. Women’s wish for their last beauty and glourious and men’s wish for their high salary and high class lifestyle but with all these we need to maintain our health and relationship also. This is also very important.

    Thanks for Sharing
    Keep posting more…..

    • Thanks Jerry. I do love finding as you say, “luxurious items” that are green and without toxins. I’ve found some good buys in the drug store, too. Physicians Formula has a few makeup items that are cheap. I also love Dr. Bronner’s products for soap and house cleaners. They all serve many purposes (face cleaner, body cleaner and dishes, too.) I have a eco-green and clean post coming up this month, as well. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing more here or on our social media networks.

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