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We all want to make our lives a little easier, right? Finding simple solutions and lifestyle hacks can be the answer when you want to improve your health. We started to share information together on how to take small steps toward better health. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home parent, an up-and-coming 20-something or anyone in-between, we’re all trying to find our way through a busy and complicated life. After my second cancer diagnosis, I learned that focusing on taking care of myself and tweaking my lifestyle, helped me feel amazing even under the stress of treatments. Now, it’s my mission to share this with everyone and create conversations together about our wellbeing. Taking small steps toward better wellness can put us all on the path to the life we want to live both personally and professionally. It starts with putting one foot in front of the other. This can be made easier, when you look for healthy life hacks to instill into your routine.

Our top ten healthy hacks include:

√ Make smoothies in bulk – freeze them – take them out early morning for an afternoon snack

√ Bag smoothie ingredients and pull them out when ready to blend – if you prefer smoothies fresh

√ Take browning herbs and chop – put them in ice cube trays – pour extra virgin olive oil over them – freeze, then use for sautéing

√ Drink warm water, lemon and cayenne every morning – it’s the cheapest detox out there

√ Use an appetizer size plate to eat meals at home for portion control

√ Use a commute to relax – listen to Pandora meditation stations or a guided imagery download

√ Instead of disposing of a used lemon – throw it in the sink and use as an antibacterial sponge

√ Use weights or do squats while blow drying hair

√ Sleep in your workout clothes so it’s easy to wake and exercise first thing in the morning

√ Keep post-in notes near your bed – write down a gratitude list at night and look at them for inspiration in the morning

√ Arrive 5-minutes early to work or an appointment – sit in the car and meditate or listen to the Headspace app

These and other summer healthy hacks were highlighted in our WTNH-TV living well segment. Check it out…

What simple solutions or life hacks have made your life easier?

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