20 Healthy Holiday Substitutions

Do you notice your clothes tighter during the holiday season? While statistics show that people gain on average less than two-pounds, the psychological toll of the stress and chaos of the season can cause us to overeat and feel blah. Making simple healthy substitutions to your holiday traditions can improve how you feel, both mind and body, throughout the season and beyond. So, enjoy the festivities whether they are at home or not…and try out our 20 healthy holiday substitutions that can easily fit into your busy life.

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How to Make Healthy Holiday Substitutions

20 Healthy Holiday Substitutions
  1. Try a golden milk latte – almond milk and turmeric blend instead of egg nog
  2. Create a peppermint smoothie when craving candy canes and flavored hot chocolate
  3. Try homemade hot chocolate instead of store bought
  4. Roast chick peas and serve instead of a nut bowl
  5. Use hummus (a beet one to be festive) and olive tapenade instead of a cheese plate
  6. Substitute fresh, raw veggies instead of crackers
  7. Use herb only seasoning rather than salt – think garlic powder instead of garlic salt
  8. Substitute cauliflower mash instead of mashed potatoes
  9. Roast sweet potatoes instead of roasted fingerling potatoes
  10. Try garlic turnip fries rather than a potato side
  11. If you eat meat, take off the skin and eat the light meat rather than the dark meat
  12. Substitute two egg whites when baking rather than one egg
  13. Use whole wheat flower for 1/2 of the flour when baking
  14. Use organic plain yogurt (even try almond/nut yogurt) instead of buttermilk in baked goods
  15. Substitute 1/2 c of apple butter or applesauce instead of 1 c of butter or oil in baked goods
  16. Serve wine spritzers (2 oz wine with 3 oz seltzer) or other festive-ish drinks
  17. Try dark chocolate pieces or homemade healthy fudge instead of chocolate brownies
  18. Rather than sitting around the table/couch all day, start a family fun run or sports tradition at family functions. Christmas kickball anyone?
  19. Make ornaments or centerpieces out of fruit
  20. Think gratitude not overwhelm. For each negative thought, it’s ok, they come, take a deep breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and think of something that is going right today/this season. The more practice with this technique, the easier it becomes.


Happy Holidays. Please comment below on some of your favorite Hanukkah or Christmas foods. We would love to be challenged and then share back how to make them more healthy for you.

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20 healthy holiday substitutions

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