Inspire Kids to Eat Veggies with Gardening Fun

When I was a little girl I used to garden aka pick weeds out of our vegetable patch. The constant swarming of mosquitos around my head on humid days in the garden made me less than a fan. It took years for me to ever consider growing my own plants, let alone food. Almost three years ago, I started researching the role nutrition plays in healing and preventing disease and found that my clean eating role models all garden. I wanted to try it again. However, I knew I needed to figure out growing food on my terms. My goal was to make it fun and not time-consuming so that my son would be inspired to eat more vegetables. 

The last few years we’ve created our own adventures in clean eating, starting small by visiting various farmer’s markets to give my young-child a place to run around. If you are busy, not-interested in gardening or don’t have a green thumb, embrace a farmer’s market. Visiting them can be a fun way to expose kids to a variety of produce. There we created games by choosing vegetables based on their colors and sizes. As my son got older, we gave him a budget to see if he could make a math exercise with our visit.

Last year we ventured into creating our own herb gardens. They were truly kid-friendly, simple to produce and maintain. Our Pretty Wellness on YouTube DIY video about it showcased the ease and fun. We started at a local garden center to grab a few materials.  A few hours later we were educated on full-blown gardening tips and simple projects for kids.

Recently, I showcased some of these favorite tips on our local ABC affiliate, WTNH’s lifestyle show, CT Style. As a healthy lifestyle mom, wife, writer, public speaker and wellness ambassador, I contribute regularly and am always interested in promoting how we can get our kids to eat more veggies.

Like me, for all of you who aren’t avid gardeners, I encourage you to make it a family affair. Consider creating your own fun, family farming activities. Whether you’re a beginner, just rummaging through a farmer’s market or looking to attend regular events at a local garden center, kids can learn to love veggies by just being exposed to it.

Do you like to garden? What are you favorite tips? If not, what do you think will motivate your kids to eat more veggies?

Inspire Kids to Eat Veggies with Gardening Fun


  1. I love visiting the farmer’s market! I’m not much of a gardener, but I have fun supporting those who are :)
    Akaleistar recently posted…Hello Book Lover

    • I love love love farmer’s markets, too. I thought our big one opened last week and showed up…only to an empty pasture/lot. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Stay tuned, I plan to go live…but who knows. If it rains or is too hectic perhaps I will just take a few photos to post. Have a great week. – C

  2. Jackie Davis

    I loved these videos! I am going to grow some herbs today. Inspiring! Thank you

    • Love that you watch our videos, Jackie. Kyle has had so much fun with the herbs. I can’t say that he remembers to water them frequently…but he is proud that he created his own mini-garden. xoxo

  3. I love gardening! BUT… I no longer have a garden. :( When we lived in Illinois we had a pretty good sized garden and my kids LOVED to help us with it. They were SO proud of their work and their own food. :)
    We had a little planter garden in SC and the kids enjoyed the fresh cilantro, our strawberries went to the birds. :-/
    I haven’t even planted one single thing here in WA. I should remedy that, especially because a few bags of Costco’s ORGANIC frozen veggies I had were linked to a recall. I sincerely wish I had my own land to plant my own food.
    I’m on the hunt for a good farmers market. Naperville, IL. and Mount Pleasant, SC. both had really good ones. :)

    • Gosh, the birds ate your strawberries? I’m a little worried about our tomatoes. We have a ton of squirrels and hope they stay far away from our mini-garden. The love the herbs the most, though they really do best when I keep them indoors. Good luck finding a farmer’s market. I’m heading to our big one tomorrow. It opens for the season…though I actually showed up last week thinking it opened then. Oops.

  4. I love gardening and veggies that are home grown taste so much better. Maybe that is just me, but there is something so rewarding about picking a big a bog old squash out of the ground and eating it for dinner!
    Jen recently posted…Mighty And Little: A Plan For Growing

    • Hi Jen. Our climate up north isn’t such that I can do it all year round…but a girl can dream. I just love tomatoes and could eat them for every meal. Spaghetti squash and zucchini – made into noodles are amazing staples in my life, too.

  5. OMG I wish we could have a garden. We have iguanas and raccoons in our yard that take and eat everything. Including my hibiscus flowers! Someday I hope to have one, when we move north!
    Kristen recently posted…20 Things You REALLY Need on Your Baby Registry

    • Raccoons. We actually had one in our yard last week. He was stumbling everywhere but at least it was in the dark, so I think/hope he was harmless. I still have my plants in pots on an outdoor table away from the squirrels and raccoons. I’m sure they would do better in a bed, but until we get the gating working for one, they will stay in my big ‘ol pots.

  6. I don’t garden very well myself – something about bugs and heat and dirt, but my husband is amazing at it. Over the years, he gets help from the kids. The oldest one does eat more vegetables when we grow them. The youngest doesn’t at home but he goes to a daycare and eats a boatload of fruits and vegetables for his teacher (but not for me) so I think we’re on the right track. I hope?
    Tamara recently posted…Creating My Favorite Barbecue Spread.

    • Sounds like you guys are more than on the right track, that you are actually achieving the ultimate goal…kids that like fruit and veggies. It is awesome that your husband is a sturdy gardener. What is in your garden?

      • Lots and lots of strawberries. Like 300 plants. And snap peas, broccoli, carrots, more carrots, tons of tomatoes, green beans, squash, pumpkins sometimes… rhubarb. And more!
        Tamara recently posted…Creating My Favorite Barbecue Spread.

        • I’m so jealous. Can I live at your house? Haha. My son just told me the other day that we should plant strawberries since we buy so many boxes of them this time of year.

  7. My older daughter loves all sorts of fruits and vegetables, but younger is my picky eater. We literally just went on a field trip with school to the local planting fields to plants vegetables to bring home to try to grow at home. I am so hoping that maybe this will get her more excited to try some of her own home grown veggies now. So truly love your ideas and thanks for sharing :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…How to Best Enjoy TAZO® Chai Latte with Craisins & Cream Cheese on Marble Rye Toast

    • Yay. I love that your school field trip was to a local planting field especially with the goal of bringing home veggies to sample. Yesterday, I helped out at my son’s school – planting and cleaning their organic garden. It’s awesome. I don’t remember us doing things like this when we were in elementary school.

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