A DIY Herb Garden Encourages Kids to Eat Veggies

In many areas of life, I believe we will all look and feel better if we eat more veggies…especially for our kids. While growing tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots truly drives home the message to eat more vegetables…we always start out small and take baby steps. So, to celebrate spring and Earth Day we set out to create our own easy indoor herb garden. I’m lucky to have a creative friend that loves to rally around wellness activities. Together with her kids and my son, we made shopping and planting our own herb garden a fun, family activity.

For Earth Day a DIY Kid's Herb Garden

The video highlights the supplies needed and short process from start to finish. I’ve included a few additional tips below that helped keep the task a good time for all.

What I love about hand-on activities is that my son and his friends feel such a sense of accomplishment in growing their own herbs. I then motivate them to eat more veggies by trying different ones with his herbs. We’ve also moved from growing just herbs to potted veggies. And, he LOVES eating those.

1. Be prepared. Have a list of what you want/need or if don’t know how to prep, shop at a small garden center and ask for help. Thanks to CAM for not only helping us prepare, but also guiding the kids with their little gardens.

2. Bring kid gardening gloves and shovels along. If you don’t, your child might throw a few new pairs in your cart.

3. Have a snack handy. Smelling all the fresh pre-planted herbs might make you hungry.

4. When you arrive at home, dump out the soil into a wheelbarrow or big bin so that the kids can shovel in the dirt like a sandbox. It’s fun for them and keeps the dirt contained.

5. Have your child smell the herbs while buying, planting and then eating. It will likely help them associate those scents with family fun times together.

Check us out on WTNH-TV talking about gardening with kids and how to inspire them to eat more veggies.

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Fun Gardening Tools for Kids

Do you have any gardening secrets or healthy hints?

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  1. GREAT video! I have a black thumb but will totally try this with you!!
    Kristen recently posted…Mourning the End of the Baby Phase

    • Let me know what you guys plant. I LOVE basil. It just smells so fresh. We also planted pineapple sage, chocolate mint and lavender. It was really easy and a ton of fun. Plus, now I get all fancy at dinner and cut off a few herbs to use as garnishes.

    • What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance! :)

      • Thanks Joy. Good luck to you with the giveaway. I’m pulling the winner tonight aka the computerized generated program will do it tonight. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I WOULD LOVE to grow my own herbs, or veggies or something! A garden would be amazing to have… Sadly I live in an apartment in los angeles – not the best environment for such a thing!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Wine and Onesies Make The Perfect Pairing

    • If you have a big window, you can plant a few small herbs in an indoor pot. It’s been so cold out east that our little gardens are still in doors. I may actually keep them inside because they smell soon good. Happy (almost) Friday.

  3. This is like a win/win! Kids get outside and dig in the dirt and the family gets healthy goodies to eat! Love.THIS. Stopping by from the link-up :)

  4. Melissa R

    I don’t have a yard, but I always make sure to plant lots of herbs in containers on my patio!

  5. Home Depot is our go-to store for home improvement projects

  6. Sadie Terry


  7. Latanya Thornhill

    We just started planting plants in our yard. I am very excited about this. #HealthyLiving

    • How did your planting turn out? Are you totally landscaping it or adding flowers in pots? I’m dreaming about planting a few hydrangeas in my front yard. Have a great weekend.

      • Latanya Thornhill

        We are totally landscaping. The flowers are growing really well.

        • Yay. What have you planted. In addition to our herbs/little garden love…I’m looking into landscaping with some sea grass and hydrangeas. I love that beachy look.

  8. Stephanie Kennedy

    I have 2 tiny tomatoes growing on my aerogarden…not to mention the king sized basil and parsley that is doing well too. I try to outdoor garden, it’s sometimes successfull.

    • Ooohhhhh…tell me about the aerogarden. I love the idea of it, just haven’t tried yet.

      • Stephanie Kennedy

        I love the Aerogarden as they are weed and dirt free. Just add water, plug in and add fertilizer every now and then.

        • Yay. I love the aerogarden, too. It’s sooooo easy. I wish I was a master gardener, but this gives me my little fix. Happy weekend.

  9. I love to garden and grow my own veggies!

  10. Great minds must think alike. We just planted one! Plus we have a little place for the fairies to play. My 4 and 9 year old are over the moon loving it.
    Jen recently posted…The Happy Now Blog Link- Up #58

  11. Planting anything is #healthyliving in my book :-) I love gardening!

    • Yay. That’s great. I love to plant little things…especially herbs. This summer, I may move into horseradish. I use it all the time in my green juices.

  12. Katie Jones

    Hey Caryn,

    I recently came across your site and I’m wondering if I can post one of my articles here.

    I’ve been writing up home improvement articles too and would love the chance to write
    on your blog but I couldn’t manage to find your email. If you could get a hold of me at, I would greatly appreciate it.


  13. Home grown veg always taste so much better plus the bond the you create to your children is special. :)

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