Ep. 74: Intermittent Fasting and Living Cleanish

Have you ever struggled with yo-yo dieting? Do you feel lack of energy, itchy skin or mid-day blues? If you can relate, this episode about living cleanish is for you. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is Gin Stephens, a vivacious educator now author/podcast host as well as IF and healthy lifestyle expert. Gin shares her story struggling with weight and how Intermittent Fasting (IF) finally helped. While adapting to a healthy aka cleanish lifestyle, she learned she could feel good, be well and not deny herself. In her new book, Clean(ish) and on this episode, she charismatically talks about real foods, a healthier home and life with less toxins.

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Gin believes in eating real vs. not real foods as well as using products on your skin and in your home with less harmful chemicals. Yet on the same note – doesn’t focus on perfection. If you’re looking to lose weight or feel physically better, this episode provides a ton of resources and inspiration. Gin shares stories, suggestions and behind-the-scenes intel on how she made a healthier life and how you can, too.

EPISODE 74: Intermittent Fasting and Living Clean(ish)

Show Notes: Ep. 74 Intermittent Fasting and Living Cleanish

6:13 – Gin shares her weight loss journey
8:37 – When Gin started Intermittent Fasting
10:53 – What is Intermittent Fasting (IF)?
13:55 – How to teach your body to be metabolically flexible
17:00 – What is the “clean(ish)” concept?
20:13 – What is autophagy?
23:08 – Talking about chemical studies
27:00 – Tips on how to start living cleanish
30:41 – How to get family on board
34:18 – Products Gin loves
43:20 – Unlearning shame with food choices
47:00 – Caryn and Gin play The Grateful Game

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