Ep. 64: Helping Women with the Hardship of Cancer Costs

Have you heard of someone who goes through a life-changing experience and looks to change the world…but not for themselves for others? Roberta Lombardi is that wonder woman and on this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast she shares how to help those underserved and uninsured with the costly process of cancer treatment

Ep. 37 – An Outlet for Hope and Help with Divorce

If you’re looking for an expert in dealing with the hardships of your marriage, this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is for you. Jessica Klingbaum is a former Emmy nominated network TV producer turned wellness entrepreneur and founder of exExperts – an encouraging and resourceful online divorce resource and community. Jessica shares her story and how she found her way through divorce. She shares how she wished she had a one-stop shop for all the resources she uncovered during the process. So, together with a friend, who got divorced at the same time, they made that happen by launching exExperts.

Virtual Volunteering: How to Be a Digital Do-Gooder

Volunteering is not only a service to the people receiving the efforts, but also can benefit your health. The Mayo Clinic has written about the “Helper’s High;” the positivity volunteers feel that also can promote stress reduction, self-confidence and provide valuable skills. Whether it’s an over-abundant work life, a busy kids schedule or the global pandemic, finding in-person volunteering opportunities may be challenging now. I’m excited to share this list of virtual volunteering opportunities that might ignite your soul to give back, while at home. I know it will for us…

The Grateful Game Challenge

Join us in November for two weeks of The Grateful Game Challenge. We will provide daily prompts/ideas in hopes of helping you create your own simple healthy living / gratitude practice. If you’ve been following @PrettyWellness on Instagram, you know that I play this with my son most nights before bed. We give ourselves a certain amount of time – usually two minutes – and then list what we are grateful for that day and WHY. This evening routine motivates us to look throughout the day to find positive things for which we are grateful. I’m hoping this rubs off on my son long term…so that he continually looks at the world with positivity and gratitude. Truthfully it helps me, too, and I invite you…

Episode 22: Stories & Suggestions on Navigating News

As we all know, there’s a ton going on in the world right now, which leaves many of us stressed when thinking about the news and our surroundings. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Cody, a veteran journalist and TV anchor, three time Emmy winner, published writer and co-host of the “Parenting Beyond the Headlines” podcast. Sarah shares with us how she has managed to take care of herself while being immersed in many hard news stories. She talks about the value of being mindful with your media consumption and the benefit of sharing the news with your kids (or anyone) in a relatable manner.

Episode 12: Christine St. Vil – Helpful Hints from a Homeschooling Expert

I’m excited to introduce you to this week’s guest on Happiness thought Hardship – The Podcast, Christine St. Vil, popularly known as The Fly (First Love Yourself) Mom. Christine is an author, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of Moms ‘N Charge® and PDMediaGroup. She’s truly on a mission to help moms feel good without the guilt. In addition to her successful career, she’s a wife and mom of three kids whom she is homeschooling.

Whether it’s full-day in-person instruction, digital learning, a hybrid approach or homeschooling, many of us are contemplating now what arrangements make sense for our kids. Today’s episode shares Christine’s journey to homeschooling and provides tons of resources for those looking to engage kids with online learning opportunities. Whether homeschooling is an avenue you’re considering or not, she offers useful information on how to help ourselves and our kids find joy and success when taking a different approach to schooling.