Ep. 37 – An Outlet for Hope and Help with Divorce

If you’re looking for an expert in dealing with the hardships of your marriage, this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is for you. Jessica Klingbaum is a former Emmy nominated network TV producer turned wellness entrepreneur and founder of exExperts – an encouraging and resourceful online divorce resource and community. Jessica shares her story and how she found her way through divorce. She shares how she wished she had a one-stop shop for all the resources she uncovered during the process. So, together with a friend, who got divorced at the same time, they made that happen by launching exExperts.

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Jessica has always been an internal optimist – when she see’s a problem, she investigates a solution to find a positive outcome. She continues to help the world out this way. She started her entrepreneurial journey helping others find better health as she uncovered natural solutions that reduced stress, improved sleep and could make others feel great. Now, she’s building a community of resources and support so that other women navigating any stage of divorce, know they are not alone. Jessica wants everyone to know that while there isn’t a right way to divorce, the exExperts, can help them find their way.

This episode is filled with insightful information about her experiences with divorce as well as intel on taking care of yourself. Jessica and I talk about her favorite healthy living tips including her healthy hack for mask wearing. We hope you enjoy this episode and if so, please remember to rate, review and subscribe. This effort truly helps all podcasts get noticed – and allows us to inspire more people to find joy and better health in their lives.

37. Jessica Klingbaum: An Outlet for Hope and Help with Divorce

Show Notes – An Outlet for Hope and Health with Divorce

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