Episode 22: Stories & Suggestions on Navigating News

As we all know, there’s a ton going on in the world right now, which leaves many of us stressed when thinking about the news and our surroundings. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Cody, a veteran journalist and TV anchor, three time Emmy winner, published writer and co-host of the “Parenting Beyond the Headlines” podcast. Sarah shares with us how she has managed to take care of herself while being immersed in many hard news stories. She talks about the value of being mindful with your media consumption and the benefit of sharing the news with your kids (or anyone) in a relatable manner.

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She’s a spectacular journalist and an even more amazing person. We’ve worked together for a few years and it feels like we’ve been friends forever. Behind the scenes in the newsroom, we’ve had many heart to hearts about our families, parenting and hardships in life. We’ve also laughed hysterically at matching outfits and bonded about our love for water/beaches. She’s 100% authentic, hardworking and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I go to her for parenting and career advice…and now you can learn from her, too. Whether you are seeking a job in journalism, wanting parenting advice or needing an idea on how to destress from the connected world, this episode delivers a lot!

Sarah Cody: Living through the Headlines - Stories & Suggestions on Navigating News

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