Ep 46: The Safety Mom on Hard Topics

“The Safety Mom” is this week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. Kimberly King is a 3X time author, mother, sexual assault prevention facilitator and crisis counselor who creates simple tools for parents and kids to cope with hardship. She is all about “preparing – not scaring kids” and parents about tough situations. And she knows first hand…Kimberly is here to share her story and some kid-friendly strategies for families to use today. While the content can be heavy, our hope is that this episode today will make you feel more comfortable talking about hard topics with your kids, at any age!

**TRIGGER WARNING This episode contains information about sexual abuse, which may be triggering to survivors.**

In honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month and honestly, everyday of the year, Kimberly is full of tips to help parents and kids deal with difficult emotional topics. On this episode she talks about her strategy of “Think, Say, Do” as well as encouraging families to talk through a variety of tough scenarios in an effort to help kids find their own voice and be safe.

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Ep 46: Kimberly King The Safety Mom and Hard Topics

Ep. 46 – The Safety Mom on Hard Topics

Quick Tips Discussed – Strategies for Parents / Kids on Safety with Hard Emotional Topics:

  1. Take about private parts with the correct name
  2. Discuss what consent means
  3. Have a “no secret” rule
  4. Talk through scenarios

The Rowan Center – A Sexual Assault Agency:

Resources for Busy Parents:

Simply Safe Kids class:

About Kimberly:

Video on Surprises / Secrets:

Kid-Friendly Recommended Books on Emotional Hard Topics

I Said No by Kimberly King:

My Voice is My Super Power by Shariea Shoatz:

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept by Jayneen Sanders:

When Your Parents Divorce by Kimberly King:

Finding Your Fit by Kimberly King:

Good Pictures – Bad Pictures by Kristen A. Jenson:


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