Ep. 84 – Hope with the Roller Coaster of Cancer

Cancer, chronic illness and many hardships can be devastating but you don’t have to be devastated. Focusing your attitude on hope can be challenging during hard times, though studies do prove there are healing benefits. This podcast, “Happiness through Hardship” and this mini-episode speak to how I use hope to help me heal and find a little happiness on the roller coaster ride of cancer, parenting and beyond.

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Hope with the Roller Coaster of Cancer
Show Notes – Ep. 84 – Hope with the Roller Coaster of Cancer

3:06 – Health status – what’s going on now – 8 years with stage IV breast cancer
6:07 – How I find hope through my medical and holistic team
7:27 – How I find hope through wellness and why it’s important
12:32 – How I find hope and help through my support system
14:10 – How I find hope through stories and role models
17:58 – Asking for help
23:32 – How little things bring big joy
24:41 – How I find hope through research

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Places to Donate – Discussed

The Cancer Couch Foundation – A 501( c)3 charity funding metastatic breast cancer research where 100% of donations and event proceeds are matched:

Breast Friends Fund – A non-profit program where funds are raised for metastatic breast cancer research:

Infinite Strength – A non-profit organization offering strength and support for metastatic breast cancer single moms and their kids:

START – A non-profit organization providing FREE digital parenting resources:

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Connect with US – Ep. 84 – Hope with the Roller Coaster of Cancer

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