Ep. 67: A Traumatic Birth Led to a Beautiful Life – Embracing Disabilities

Trust in yourself – wise words from today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. Linda Remillard is a nurse, cancer survivor and incredible mother of three children. She has faced life’s challenges with grace, resiliency, and determination. At the age of 26, after experiencing a traumatic birth with her son, Bret, Linda immediately knew she would devote her life to learning, advocating and caring for him. Linda has created a beautiful life raising a child with developmental disabilities and a seizure disorder. She’s here to share her story as one mom who has faced the true meaning of strength and hope through parenting and beyond. Linda’s words can inspire you to trust in yourself no matter what hardship you are facing.

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Linda Remillard
SHOW NOTES – Ep. 67: A Traumatic Birth Led to a Beautiful Life – Embracing Disabilities with Linda Remillard

4:53 – Linda talks about how her healthy pregnancy quickly took a turn
6:35 – The silence when Linda’s son Bret was born
7:36 – Bret has his first seizure
8:39 – Linda knows she has to be there for her son
10:27 – Linda’s new life at home begins
12:08 – Finding out Bret was going to grow up with developmental disabilities
13:50 – Linda tries to help people understand Bret’s differences
16:38 – Bret has his first Grand Mal seizure
20:33 – Linda talks about coping
23:51 – The importance of developing little rituals for ourselves
26:37 – Linda shares how important her support system was for her
34:22 – Linda as an advocate for Bret
37:42 – Linda gives advice to other parents
43:41 – Linda and Caryn play The Grateful Game

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