The Grateful Game Challenge

Join us in November for two weeks of The Grateful Game Challenge. We will provide daily prompts/ideas in hopes of helping you create your own simple healthy living / gratitude practice. If you’ve been following @PrettyWellness on Instagram, you know that I play this with my son most nights before bed. We give ourselves a certain amount of time – usually two minutes – and then list what we are grateful for that day and WHY. This evening routine motivates us to look throughout the day to find positive things for which we are grateful. I’m hoping this rubs off on my son long term…so that he continually looks at the world with positivity and gratitude. Truthfully it helps me, too, and I invite you…

We also play “The Grateful Game” at the end of each “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast episode. After my second diagnosis, I started to research who was thriving with cancer and what were they doing to be well. I learned that wellness is about consistent self-care – creating everyday practices that help improve your body and mind toward a state of good health. And studies show – according to Harvard Medical School that within “positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” And for me – focusing on gratitude brings tremendous positive energy into my life. And now – I want you to join us in practicing this together – with our #GratefulGame Challenge.

I play "The Grateful Game" Most Nights with this Guy
We Play “The Grateful Game” Most Nights and He Often Talks about Baseball
Here’s how you can join the challenge:

TAKE TWO MINUTES AND THINK GRATITUDE – Grab a friend or family member and spend 2-min talking about what you are grateful for and why.

LET US KNOW – Post any pic on social media and tag us @PrettyWellness and use the hashtag #gratefulgame – we will then repost!

BE INSPIRED – Check our Instagram stories daily where we will post prompts – so in case you are stuck – we will provide some ideas that might help you connect with your own gratitude.

Prompts / Ideas to Ponder

Check out our videos weekdays between now and November 16th – we will highlight various topics in an effort to help you start a simple gratitude practice. We can be thankful for anything big or very small in our lives. Here’s a sample of some ideas:

  • Are you grateful for any person in our life? AND WHY….
  • Are you thankful for any animal in your life? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for a specific location / happy place? AND WHY….
  • Are you thankful for a favorite food? AND WHY….
  • Do you appreciate a role-model? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for a local business / store? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for an experience? AND WHY….
  • Do you appreciate a teacher? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for your health? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for your favorite household tool? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for music? AND WHY….
  • Are you thankful for a hobby / activity? AND WHY….
  • Are you grateful for a podcast? AND WHY….
  • Do you appreciate a book / movie / TV show? AND WHY….
  • AND the list goes on….please connect with us on Instagram @PrettyWellness and DM / share your ideas!

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