Episode 18: Dr. Althea Bates – When the Odds are Stacked Against You

On this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Dr. Althea Bates, entrepreneur, author and the founder of the Project Resiliency Movement talks openly how the odds were stacked against her with so much tragedy in her life. However, Dr. Bates has a powerful outlook and can be incredibly helpful and motivating to everyone. She shares her thoughts about resilience and vision as well as figuring out your own superpower. Dr. Bates speaks from a place of empowerment and resilience. She is smart, brave, bold and absolutely beautiful inside and out. There’s so much to learn from her in this episode and life. I’m excited for you to hear her story.

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I met Dr. Bates at the local TV station where we both are regular contributors. That morning she was talking about self-care being more than just manicures and showcased her book and The Project Resiliency Movement. The Project Resiliency Movement, a social movement that empowers women of color in areas of self-care including mental, physical and emotional health provides connectivity and support to other women of color through resiliency circles, conferences, workshops and more. In addition to being the founder of The Project Resiliency Movement, she’s also the leader of the Dr. Bates brand, which will help empower women of all different backgrounds to tap into their own wellness for the body, mind and soul.

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episode 18 - Dr. Bates when the odds are stacked against you

Episode 18: Dr. Althea Bates – When the Odds are Stacked Against You Show Notes

Brokenness, Baggage and Blessings: An Anthology of Resiliency Stories by Dr. Althea Bates:

Therapy for Black Girls:

Dr. Bates & WTNH-TV: The True Meaning of Self-care:

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