Episode 11: Jenna Jacobs McPartland – Love, Loss & Moving Forward After 911

I cried throughout the interview with this week’s guest on Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast. Jenna Jacobs McPartland’s story is incredibly heart wrenching and beautiful. In the 1990’s, Jenna left her Midwestern roots to follow her dream of being on Broadway. She created a wonderful life she loved in NYC…She married an amazing man, was pregnant with their first child and then 911 came and she tragically lost her husband, Ari. Though she’s been through an incredible ordeal, she shares with us how she put one foot in front of the other and how she’s been able to keep going, focus on love and find a purpose.

EPISODE 11: Jenna Jacobs McPartland - Love, Loss & Moving Forward After 911

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Jenna’s story is full of advice and wise words on how to move forward during and after tragedy…so please listen to this episode and if you like rate, review and subscribe. You leaving a review helps us with our podcast ranking. The higher we are ranked, the more people can discover our show.

Jenna and Gabi in January 2002 – Photo cred: People Magazine/@Chef_Jenna

On today’s release, Jenna shares how she found that focusing on her newborn, Gabi, and spending time with close family/friends made life a little more bearable. She talks about how service efforts helped her move forward with the day-to-day. She tells us how patience is important. It often takes time to heal, and part of that healing process helps when you’re compassionate with yourself and surrounded by love.

Love, Loss & Moving Forward After 911
Jenna and Ari in 1997- Photo cred: @Chef_Jenna

Through the years and as time went on, Jenna has focused on nourishing her family. She has done this through cultivating a positive environment as well as through wholesome, delicious food. She believes “Food is love, after all” and studied at The Natural Gourmet Institute in an effort to bring more love to her family and community. She is now happily married to Matthew with a blended family and owns a highly acclaimed restaurant, The Stand Vegan Cafe in Fairfield, CT.

Love, Loss and Moving Forward after 911
Jenna and Matthew – 2019 / Photo cred: @thesstandvegancafe
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