Ep. 64: Helping Women with the Hardship of Cancer Costs

Have you heard of someone who goes through a life-changing experience and looks to change the world…but not for themselves for others? Roberta Lombardi is that wonder woman and on this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast she shares how to help those underserved and uninsured with the costly process of cancer treatment

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Roberta is incredible. After her own cancer diagnosis in 2016, this eye-opening experience wasn’t about making her life better, it was about truly helping others who didn’t have access to resources she did. And then she did something about it. As the Founder and President of Infinite Strength, Roberta helps struggling women figure out finances and resources during cancer treatment. Through this non-profit, she offers them hope and motivation to keep fighting even though the obstacles go way beyond treatment. On this episode she talks about how important it is to help, shares stories about making a difference and lists a few ways to assist those women in need dealing with cancer.

Roberta Lombardi cancer costs

Show Notes – Ep. 64: Roberta Lombardi is Helping Others with the Hardship of Cancer Costs

3:57 – Roberta is diagnosed and recognized how she was different from other patients
5:05 – Roberta realizes her bad day is never as bad as that of others
7:25 – A lightbulb went off and Robert knew she had to help
8:22 – Roberta questions why she is still struggling despite finishing treatment
10:41 – Establishing the mission of Infinite Strength
12:23 – Roberta helps Sharon with her holiday wishes
19:18 – The emotional impact this had on Roberta, her own family and Sharon’s family
20:33 – Roberta knows that she can do more
29:05 – Knowing the importance of having a strong community around you
30:20 – How you can help out and make a difference, even in small ways
33:59. – The little gestures that make a big impact
36:42 – Caryn and Roberta play The Grateful Game

Stories of Infinite Strength


Roberta Lombardi Ep 64 cancer costs
Ways You Can Help – Ideas Discussed with Roberta Lombardi 

Buy and donate Wildfire Breast Cancer Magazine to your local hospital so that there’s relevant and hopeful reading in the hospital waiting rooms:

Buy and donate “Happiness through Hardship” – A Cancer Guide and Journal for Patients and Caregivers to a local hospital:

Reach out to a local non-profit and see if you can volunteer your time, donate items or money:

Help Fund Programs for Less Fortunate Women Dealing with Cancer – Donate to Infinite Strength: By donating to Infinite Strength you will be giving a single mom the opportunity to pay her mortgage or rent while taking time off from work during treatment. You will insure her children can sleep in their bed at night:

Help Fund Research Labs for Underfunded Stage IV Breast Cancer – Donate to The Cancer Couch Foundation: The Cancer Couch Foundation is a privately funded, non-profit organization that has helped put over 4-million dollars into metastatic breast cancer (MBC) research to date since 2016! 100% of donations and event proceeds are matched and go to fund MBC research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center!

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