Episode 23: The Sisterhood of Cancer – Talking Advocacy & Angels

I’m excited and a little nervous to share with you today’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. Dana Donofree of AnaOno Intimates and I have come together to discuss one of the greatest assets in survivorship – the sisterhood that connects those who have been through cancer.

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We share Dana’s story of being diagnosed with breast cancer before her wedding and how she created AnaOno Intimates after tirelessly looking for beautiful lingerie while in recovery. We highlight two angels, dear friends and advocacy trailblazers, Champagne Joy of #Cancerland / METAvivor and Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera of The Cancer Couch Foundation and the importance of their groundbreaking work to fund metastatic breast cancer research. Rather than a straight interview, this is a raw conversation about the sisterhood and support within those touched by cancer and how the bond with survivors of any hardship can be a beautiful bonus.

Episode 23. The sisterhood of cancer

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Dana Donofree: The Sisterhood of Cancer – Talking Advocacy and Angels Show Notes 

AnaOno Intimates – Radiation to Recovery Lingerie:

Caryn’s favorite sexy yet sophisticated sports bra aka “The Paige Bra”:

Bridging the gap between early and late stage breast cancer:

How We Have Fun with/for Cancer Research:

AnaOno Intimates and Cancerland for Metavivor New York Fashion Week Show:

What Lipstick and Dancing Naked Taught Me – How to Have Fun:

MOMBIES – Dance to Donate for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research:

Donate to Metastatic Breast Cancer Research


The Cancer Couch Foundation:

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Connect with Dana Donofree: The Sisterhood of Cancer – Talking Advocacy and Angels Show Notes 






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