Mini-Ep: Easing the Scanxiety around Scans

Scanxiety – have you felt it? This week on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast I’m dropping a mini-episode about scans and how to minimize the stress and fear around them aka “scanxiety.”

I never wanted to be known as “Caryn with Cancer” but the reality is that’s who I am. My cancer has made me a better version of myself and for that I’m grateful and want to share what I’ve learned in order to help others going through any hard time. Whether you have cancer or not, odds are you may have to get a scan at some point, so on this episode I share my thoughts on how to make it a little easier.

Whether this is your first scan or if you have a chronic illness and you’re often getting scanned – I know scans can be scary, frustrating, annoying or insert however you are feeling here…These are a few of my thoughts in hopes of making this time a little easier on you or whomever is getting the scan.

Show Notes – Easing the Scanxiety around Scans

Top 5 Tips and Thoughts for When You Need Scans

  1. Remember – this is a test – it may be nothing and even if the scans reveal a diagnosis you don’t want – there’s hope!
  2. Take a day (or time period) of rest prior to the scans to help minimize the stress.
  3. Bring along “good luck charms” to your appointment or items that make you smile.
  4. Be sure to enroll in your doctor/hospital’s online portal for quick access to information.
  5. Get copies of your scans on CDs from the Medical Records department before you leave the appointment to have on-hand for second opinions.

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Easing the Scanxiety around Scans

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