Ep. 48 – Top Ten Tips for Podcasting

We did it. ✨52 weeks ✨48 episodes✨Over 62 – 5 star rating on iTunes / Apple Podcasts = 1 year of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast! On this episode, I’m joined by a co-host, my husband, Kevin, who has spent his whole career working in sports and the digital space so has been incredibly helpful in my journey as an entrepreneur and podcast host. We share intel on podcasting and do a little behind the scenes of our life building my business. We hope you find it not only informational but a bit entertaining, too.

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SHOW NOTES – Top Ten Tips for (Starting) Podcasting
  1. Just get started – come up with your idea and sketch out episodes – remember “content is king.”
  2. Don’t get worried by the tech – keep it simple.
  3. Look for a mentor or two in the space – seek out a membership group with checklists that can help guide you through the processes of podcasting like She Podcasts or WOC Podcasters.
  4. Practice, practice and practice before you drop episodes to hone your craft and feel comfortable with your content and tech.
  5. Keep an eye on numbers for growth but remember podcasting is a marathon and takes time to get big.
  6. Want to monetize from the start? Consider partnering with affiliates like Amazon Associates or like-minded brands like Daily Harvest. (I have an offer using code PRETTYWELLNESS where listeners get $25 off their first order.) I also have worked with in-kind sponsors to trade in-episode or social media mentions for product – like I do with the women-owned mocktail / cocktail Splash Mixers (I have an offer using code PRETTYWELLNESS20 where listeners get 20% off their order.)
  7. Let your podcast evolve – ask your listeners what they like / don’t like.
  8. Learn how to batch plan for both the podcast and social media. It will help give you a well-needed break and prevent burn out.
  9. Be YOU – this is your podcast, so do what you want to do – live by your own rules – just stay consistent so your listeners know where and when to find you.
  10. Celebrate the big and little wins. YAY for me for figuring out how to add additional platforms (through my RSS feed – little tech win!) AND YAY for me for making it one year!

A special thanks to mentors in this space: DJ Breast Cancer and WOC Podcasters / The Thought Card podcast for their contributions to this episode. 

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