Ep. 76 – Debunking Cancer Myths & Donating Cancer Books

A medical diagnosis can bring lots of unanswered questions and on this episode, we’ve tackled many of them. Today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is one of Instagram’s favorite doctor’s, Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky. A board-certified medical oncologist, Dr. Teplinsky specializes in treating women with breast and gynecologic cancers while also focusing on cancer risk-reduction and healthy living. Dr. Teplinsky has a committed following on social media and also hosts the INTERLUDE podcast. On this episode, she helps us debunk some cancer myths and provides overall best practices. She’s filled with wise words and clarity. We would be grateful for your help supporting cancer patients, too, by donating “Happiness through Hardship”, a cancer guide and journal to her cancer center and worldwide podcast listeners. (See link or below for more info.)

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Many of us are touched by cancer and could use credible information, which is why I love this episode. Whether you have cancer or not, Dr. T will teach you something useful including the benefits of remaining positive and taking care of yourself during treatments. She also answers questions that you, the listeners, sent in prior to our interview. She not only serves her patients but those with cancer questions worldwide here, at events and on her podcast. Please consider donating a cancer book, so she can give away to those in need – you can donate via the link HERE or by sending a VenMo to @caryn-sullivan-3

dr eleonora teplinsky and cancer myths

Show Notes – Ep. 76 – Debunking Cancer Myths and Donating Cancer Books

5:17 – Dr. T explains her background and journey to becoming a doctor
8:33 – Dr. T reveals her motivation for starting a medical podcast
10:28 – False medical claims are addressed
15:36 – Tips for going out in public during the Covid-19 pandemic/endemic
18:22 – Caryn and Dr. T emphasize the importance of finding positivity during cancer treatment
24:29 – The evolution of cancer treatments over the last few years
29:30 – Dr. T gives her opinion on Intermittent Fasting
32:40 – Genomic profiling is explained
36:15 – What to do after receiving lab test results
42:48 – Caryn and Dr. T play The Grateful Game

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Connect with Dr. T – Ep. 76 – Debunking Cancer Myths and Donating Cancer Books


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