Ep. 70: How to Ask for Help

Do you struggle to ask for help? Does it often seem easier to do it on your own? On today’s episode of “Happiness Through Hardship” – The Podcast, host Caryn Sullivan and Breast Friends Fund founder, Sandy Cassanelli, have a conversation about the importance of asking for help during hard times or even in our day-to-day routines. Whether it’s cancer, chronic illness or the stress of parenting, work or life…we all can benefit with a little extra help. Caryn and Sandy share their thoughts and ideas on how to take that step as well as research to support its importance.

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This episode is more of a dialogue between friends filled with useful information from Psychology Today writer, business consultant and author of Tracking Wonder, Jeffrey Davis, M.A. Caryn and Sandy discuss wonderful ways to help (and be helped.) They also dive into changing the mindset that asking for assistance can be a sign of weakness and vulnerability. As cancer survivors, working mothers and humans, they share how letting others assist can benefit both the giver and receiver. Check out this episode for more information how you or a loved one can take that step.

And if you really want a laugh (or a throwback smile)…we share where we met our husbands. Hint: Larger than life super stars (not us,) men wearing tights (not our husbands) and characters that smile on-stage and off like The Rock, Hulk Hogan and John Cena.

Sandy Cassanelli - how to ask for help

Show Notes – Ep. 70 – How to Ask for Help

5:43 – Sandy explains why it might be so hard to ask for help
6:46 – Caryn shares insight from Jeffrey Davis, Psychology Today, on why we don’t like to ask for help
11:21 – Sandy and Caryn shares thoughtful and easy ways you can lend a hand
13:53 – Caryn shares her worries when asking for assistance, and a tip on how to ease that stress
16:52 – Sandy tells us the moment when she realized it’s ok to ask for help
21:10 – Sandy shares her insight on not apologizing for your asks
32:58 – Sandy tells us how she shows her appreciation for her family and friends
34:12 – Sandy and Caryn share ways you can help out this holiday season
40:48 – Sandy shares where you can connect with Breast Friends Fund
41:12 – Sandy and Caryn play The Grateful Game

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