Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020

Happy New Year. We’re excited for the third annual Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge. In all aspects of life, even our health, goal setting = increased success. The Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020 outlines weekly wellness goals with supporting tasks to inspire you to make small healthy changes and New Year’s resolutions that will stick. Each Friday, starting January 3, 2020, we will announce a wellness goal to focus on for the week. Then each day, we will provide a deeper dive via Instagram on simple ways to be successful with the challenge. Come to us weekdays at 7:45 EST for live videos or check out our Instagram stories and the SmallSteps2020 highlight daily. Our goal is to share tasks and tools to make healthy living easy for the busy individual. We can’t wait for you to join in, connect and share your insight. We all need to test different modalities to find the ones that work best for us. Hopefully this daily list of wellness tips will help you find the ones that fit best in your life. Feel free to try each and every one of the tips outlined OR try one per week and stay connected with us to keep you motivated. Please join us and connect on Instagram so we can be accountable together. We would love to hear your questions, comments and thoughts on how to make these healthy tips stick. Share your successes, photos, videos or thoughts including the hashtag #SmallSteps2020.

Week 1 – Friday, January 3 – Eat Clean
Week 2 – Friday, January 10 – Be Active
Week 3 – Friday, January 17 – Be Mindful
Week 4 – Friday, January 24 – Be Green & Clean aka Clean Living
Moving Forward – Friday, January 31 

Good luck taking #SmallSteps2020. Check out our post about making New Year’s Resolutions Attainable and also be sure to connect with a medical practitioner when making changes in your lifestyle. And now for a breakdown of the challenges. We will expand more each day on our social media channels. We’ve included this outline for those that like to plan ahead. We also will be hosting a giveaway each week to motivate you to check in and be accountable.

Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020
Week One – Eat Clean
How to make this measurable: plan to eat wholesome foods at every meal.

When I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, I set out to make some healthy changes. I read medical journals, watched documentaries and interviewed various doctors in my path. I kept on hearing about the powerful impact of eating a plant-based diet. So I did it. Five years later, with a plant-based nutrition certification and a strong medical and naturopathic team…I’m thriving. I do believe that my diet filled with vegetables is partially to thank. So this week’s heath focus for the Small Steps challenge is to eat clean…and especially add more veggies to your life.

January 3 – Cut up veggies and keep them handy or buy pre-cut bags of carrots, broccoli or cauliflower.

January 4 – Drink fresh juice in the AM. Here are some of our favorite recipes.

January 5 – Buy or make smoothies and grab a mason jar each day to drink with meals or eat as a snack.

January 6 – Buy or make veggie noodles and sub. for pasta – think zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice.

January 7 – Try collard greens or butter lettuce instead of sandwich bread – make wraps or lettuce tacos.

January 8 – Make fun toasts – use greens with hummus or avocado with tomato on Ezekiel bread.

January 9 – Sneak it in…add healthy items to your dishes. Mix steamed carrot puree in omelettes, pureed squash in macaroni and cheese and pureed cauliflower or sweet potato in baked goods. Add beans to soups and nuts/seeds to salads, meats and fishes, too.

Other clean eating favorites include: kale chips, roasted asparagus, healthy movie theater popcorn and hardboiled eggs with mustard or Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning.

Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020
Week 2 – Be Active
How to make this measurable: plan a few minutes to be active daily.

January 10 –  Try new workouts at a gym, small studio or online. Check out DDP Yoga if you’re a wrestling fan or the Tracy Anderson Method if you want to workout like the celebs.

January 11 – WALK – find time in your day to add steps. Go to your favorite zen place and walk for 20-60 minutes to take in the calm and work on your cardio. Carve out some time while waiting for a child at practice to get in those extra steps. A few minutes in the morning and a few minutes later in the day adds up.

January 12 – Create a new playlist or find a new podcast for your workout that will motivate you to be active.

January 13 – Do a quick moment when you have a little time. Try the 7-min workout app  – you can fit it in. Grab some weights and lift in front of the TV during commercials or your favorite silly TV show.

January 14 –  Buy one new workout item. Do you need handheld weights? A jump rope? A new outfit? Use it today and see how you feel.

January 15 – Create a list of workout buddies – in-person or those you can chat with via phone (on a walk) and meet them today.

January 16 – Be fit with your family – check out 35 fit and fun family activities.
Please share your favorite exercise/activity tips and comment this week on our Instagram page and we will add your tips to this list. One of our favorite tips is to always keep your workout clothes / active wear handy so you can be ready to be active at anytime.

Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020
Week 3 – Be Mindful
How to make this measurable: spend five minutes a day in a mindful practice.

January 17 – As you go through your day, find pockets of time where you can do a minute meditation.

January 18 – Create your own or use one of our favorite positive affirmations / mindful mantras – then use it.

January 19 – Try a meditation app.

January 20 – Try adding healing sounds to your day. Take five minutes and use a sound machine or Relax Melodies app.

January 21 – Journal for ten minutes. Write everything down on your mind. If you have writer’s block. Keep writing – anything for ten minutes. Try this when you feel an emotional burst, positive or negative…journaling can be a huge healing modality.

January 22 – Declutter your home = declutter your life. Check out Neat Little Nest’s checklist to start.

January 23 – Start a daily gratitude list. Write it or use an app daily or when feeling down.

Pretty Wellness Small Steps Challenge 2020
Week 4 – Be Green and Clean aka Clean Living
How to make this measurable: make one effort each day.

January 24 – Get to know your products – Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database

January 25 – Find one beauty product that you are almost finished with and buy a new green/clean one. Check out some of our favorites personal products or comment on a recent post on Instagram and we will give you some recommendations.

January 26 – Find one household product that you are almost finished with and buy a new green/clean one. Check out some of our favorites home products or comment on a recent post on Instagram and we will give you some recommendations.

January 27 – Take an Epsom Salt bath – if you want a challenge, create scrubs to use weekly in the shower.

January 28 – Try oil pulling for healthy teeth.

January 29 – Find simple ingredients to use to clean your home, think lemons as sponge, vinegar as cleanser.

January 30 – Consider using essential oils instead of fragrances and purifiers.

January 31 – Let’s recap together. Please feel free to comment below or join us in the social media conversation on Instagram

Please remember to talk with a doctor or natural practitioner when making lifestyle changes or wellness resolutions.

Kick off the New Year with our Small Steps Challenge Giveaways
– Week 1 – $25 Amazon Giveaway

We will be talking clean eating and hope to inspire you to try something new to ADD to your life. We hope you will come back to us daily so that we can motivate each other to move forward with our wellness goals. We will be giving away $25 gift card to Amazon hoping you will find something new (or something you already love) to try on us.

To enter you must:

(1) like a recent post or comment on stories from @PrettyWellness 2020 in Instagram
(2) follow @prettywellness on Instagram
(3) tag a friend who you want to see more of in 2020 – perhaps will join you in being accountable with our health and happiness goals this year.
No purchase necessary to enter or win. Winner chosen at random. Void where prohibited by law. Open to permanent legal residents in the 50 U.S. and D.C. 18+. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. #Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. For official rules, visit: Rafflecopter.

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  1. I love the part on detox, gonna try to commit to going through with that. I think anyone that’s living today can benefit from periodic detoxing, considering the toxins and chemicals in everything we inhale and eat.
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    • TOTALLY. There are tons of toxins around us so finding ways to detox can be helpful. Plants help in the house. Drinking lots of water helps flush them in our body, etc. etc.

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  7. Small steps are obtainable and sustainable. If I try to do too much, I rage for about two months, then right back (if not worse) than before. I accept the challenge :)

    • YES….You are spot on…that is why we at Pretty Wellness are all about making healthy living simple. We are all busy in life and if we make HUGE changes at once, it oftentimes isn’t sustainable. BUT taking small steps in the right direction leads to big change after awhile. Let us know if you have any questions or successes you want to share. We go live on Instagram during the weekdays and the videos run all day. Have a great week. :)

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