Ep. 58 – Pharmacist Empowers Holistic Healing

A broken tooth and bloody Valentine’s Day motivated this pharmacist to change her career. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams shares how she parlayed her career into holistic healing and wellness empowerment. She’s a pharmacist by trade and now TV & on-air media spokesperson and talent behind the original web series, “Mom Prescribed.” Dr. Lisa embraces whole, healthy living, and prescribes anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense foods to heal her patients/clients from the inside out. On today’s episode she talks about her top tips and tools for living a healthier and happier life.

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Dr. Lisa is the founder of the The Domestic Life Stylist and shares her wisdom and insight as to the importance of getting the entire family involved in healthy living. She includes recipes and other health tips on her blog and free e-cookbook.

Pharmacist Empowers Holistic Healing

Ep. 58 – Pharmacist Empowers Holistic Healing with Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams Show Notes

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4:50 – Dr. Lisa’s story: her childhood on the U.S. Virgin Islands, an elective college course in natural healing and how she got into science and medicine
7:51 – When Dr. Lisa realized she was more depleted than fulfilled and how she found her calling
9:12 – How Dr. Lisa pivoted into true health and wellness
10:47 – The importance of having “wellness empowerment”
11:50 – The transformational impact of motherhood and why we need to advocate for ourselves and children
13:14 – The point Dr. Lisa’s health hit bottom and how she transformed it
16:53 – Dr. Lisa’s awakening and how she began to prioritize self-care
20:44 – The importance of sharing your story
2248 – Dr. Lisa’s top three tips on healthy, whole living
32:13 – Taking intentional, small steps towards better health
33:03 – Dr. Lisa’s advice for parents on encouraging your children to take responsibility for their health
38:40- Caryn and Dr. Lisa play The Grateful Game

Dr. Lisa’s Cookbook – “10 Easy and Healthy Recipes that Your Family Will Enjoy” available for free download.

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