Health & Wellness News & Info Recap, 3/30

What’s on your mind this week? Spring Break? Easter? Passover? Baseball season? On our mind and in this edition of our Health & Wellness News & Info Recap, dietitians discuss clean eating, GNC announces new quality control protocols and an inspirational post tells us about reframing thoughts, actions and attitudes.

Health & Wellness News & Info Recap 3/30

Clean Eating

What Does Clean Eating Mean to Dieticians
Just like many things in life, people don’t always agree on definitions and create their own to make it work for them. My favorite definition of clean eating is from Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD. “To me, clean eating means eating food I know will benefit my health, mind and body. It’s not just vegetables, whole grains, fruit and lean protein; sometimes it includes a small piece of chocolate or a glass of wine when I have balanced it out with physical activity.”

Active Living

7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself at the End of Each Day
I love having actionable plans so reading posts with quick tips and easy to implement tactics work for me. These seven questions are simple, yet useful. I can utilize these to further chat with my 6-year old at dinner or bedtime. It seems like an easy practice and enjoyable, too. If you don’t want to talk about it, use each question for a journal entry.

How Exercise May Aid Cancer Treatment
Another study about exercise and slowing cancer tumor growth was released in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute this month. The research showed promising results in mice that exercised through chemotherapy treatment. Even mice who exercised without chemical treatment, showed a high degree of tumor cell death.

Non-Toxic Living

GNC to Strengthen Quality Control
Dietary Supplement Store, GNC announced today that they will require new testing procedures and bi-annual reviews for their herbal products. This comes in response to the New York Attorney General’s coalition to investigate quality control issues within the herbal supplement industry. This is seen by experts as a monumental first step for the unregulated supplement industry that is known for accusations of mislabeling.

Weed Killer, Long Cleared, Is Doubted
Debates are heating up again over a chemical used in Monsato’s RoundUp weed killer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has declared that glyphosate found in RoundUp “probably” causes cancer. Studies of this chemical by both the World Health Organization and Monsanto’s agencies, who have their own studies proving that glyphosate has “evidence of noncarcinogenicity for humans, have remarkably different results. This can be partly explained by the different methodology and criteria used for analyzing the data.


The Thing (in Your Head) That Can Change Everything
Do you dread the morning routine racing around the house and rushing out the door? Do you find yourself frustrated at some of the little things your co-workers, friends or kids do? This post by Maureen Swanson is a refreshing story with advice on how to anticipate and plan for the “thing” that gets you worked up so that you can enjoy life more.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Knowing there’s a feast, do you exercise?


  1. Love what the Dr. says about clean eating -that’s precisely how I feel too! I use to live on very restrictive eating plans (raw, etc) and it was so difficult to maintain that I would eventually give up. Living in Italy it is easy to eat clean.
    Madaline recently posted…Blues and Yellows : The Color of Spring

    • I’ve done a lot of reading about how the food in Europe has less chemicals, whether it’s the farming practices or the packaged goods. I’m curious if you taste the difference?

  2. I like Christine’s definition as well. I try really hard to have my family eat cleanly, but sometimes one does need that little bar of chocolate to round it all out! Great tips and scary to know about the weed killer! We don’t use it and I just make my kids weed the old fashioned way. Good for the soul I say :)
    Jen recently posted…What You May Not Know About Mormons

    • This year is going to be the year that we ask/motivate our 6-year old to do the weeds. Thanks for the idea. Though honestly, I don’t have a green thumb, so not sure if we will actually garden. But, I’ve been wanting to plant basil and mint.

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