Top Five Wellness Trends for Fall 2019

Wellness trends aren’t just for New Year’s. As seasons change, just like we swap our wardrobes, we can update our habits. We started Pretty Wellness as a way to inspire busy women to take small steps toward better health. We love to share stories, suggestions and sometimes stats on-air, on-line and in-person. Enjoy learning about some of the top wellness trends this fall on our latest WTNH-TV wellness segment. Consider how you can make some tweaks to your lifestyle to improve your health, well-being and happiness with our top five list for fall.

Top Five Wellness Trends for Fall 2019
  1. More Mushrooms – Move over cauliflower and kale, mushrooms are a super trending food now. From growing your own kits to mushroom supplemented foods, the grocery store aisle are starting to be packed with the power of mushrooms.
  2. Plant-based Fish – Plant-based burgers and sausages have been around for years, but the past few years, companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible have improved the taste and texture of vegan meat. In late fall and beyond, start looking for faux fish like Loma Linda Tuno – Plant-Based – Seafood Alternative made from beans and other plant-based alternatives.
  3. Home Health Kits – Just like genealogy companies created home kits to explore ancestry, health kits are popping up so that people can have easy access to physician approved lab tests from their own homes. EverlyWell – at-Home Food Sensitivity Tests– can be purchased online and in-stores and include testing for vitamins, inflammation and food sensitivities.
  4. Smart Clothing – First trackers, then watches, now clothing, small devices will be sewn into clothing. Think smart PJs for sleep tracking and workout clothes for easy exercise information. These are starting to pop up and likely will be a hot gift for the 2019 holiday season.
  5. Connected Community for Positive Changes – Wellness is about ‘we’ not ‘I’ and with many people owning a mobile device, there will be a rise in people coming together virtually to support ways to increase healthy lifestyle efforts. Such issues on the forefront this fall include lack of transparency in the information being shared with the public as well as lack of organic, safe and affordable alternatives. Check out ShiftCon for more information on how you can join a community to influence positive change in overall health.

For those wanting to learn more about wellness trends and dive into the community – ShiftCon is an eco-wellness conference focused on food, wellness, health, sustainability and platform growth. Both as an online community and in-person conference each year (this fall October 3-5 in Atlanta,) the purpose of the ShiftCon community is to seek healthier and more sustainable lives and promote brands that mirror their values. I’m thrilled to be speaking at ShiftCon on Thursday, October 3rd and doing a book-signing on Friday, October 4. For more information and ticket sales – check out link HERE.

Our latest monthly WTNH-TV wellness segment focuses on this topic – fall wellness trends

What wellness trends would you try?

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