Ep. 41: How to Detox Your Home

How often do you clean your home or clean-up your products? Have you ever considered a home detox? This week’s episode on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, holistic health expert and author Serena Smith-Williams shares how to detox your home one step-at-a-time. Whether you’re looking to spring clean, toss your toxic products or create healthier habits, she’s the healthy living expert you need.

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Serena is a fitness expert, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner specializing in inspiring people to live a healthy life. She’s created a community, Simple Holistic Girl, providing resources and information toward holistic health and non-toxic living. On this episode we talk detox practices, toss-the-toxins challenge and our favorite clean and green products. She and I even laugh about our love for Dr. Bronner’s, easy-to-install water filters and healthy living apps.

Serena and I met virtually through wellness circles years ago. Both Pretty Wellness and Simple Holistic Girl share similarities in that we want to inspire people to look at wellness holistically – not just one area – but many. Serena is filled with motivational information and I’m thrilled that she is here today to share her knowledge.

In celebration of spring coming soon and releasing more than 40-episodes, Pretty Wellness has partnered with Aquasana to giveaway one Claryum Direct Connect water filter. Hydration is vital to live a healthy life. Serena and I discuss the importance of this and how to get clean filtered water. Aquasana’s Claryum Direct Connect instantly removes up to 99% of 77 contaminants. Although it’s a high-performance water filter, it’s designed for easy installation – no plumbers required. See link below for give-away running 3/17-3/22, 2021. Thank you to all the listeners – those who started from the beginning as well as those who found us today. I am truly grateful!

Ep 41. How to Detox Your Home

Show Notes – Ep. 41 – How to Detox Your Home

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Toss the Toxins Challenge:

Helpful holistic guides: Healthy Checklists, Smoothie Cookbook, Essential Oils 1010:

Claryum Direct Connect Water Filter:

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Environmental Working Group / Healthy Living app:

NASA Clear Air Study(info on plants:) 

The Grateful Game:

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Ep. 41 Detox Your Home







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