Ep. 43: Reclaiming Your Work Life

Have you ever felt like your job didn’t change…but you did? This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is Tina Conrad, known as the wonder woman behind the podcast DJ Breast Cancer, whom is also a successful Merchandising Manager. Tina spent over 20+ years in the corporate world. She’s an experienced buyer working for a big brand in the retail industry. Like so many of us, she’s worked for amazing leaders and horrible bosses. Tina talks about how she found tools to map her career forward living with purpose even after hardship. Many people are struggling right now, whether they’re unemployed, uninspired or unhappy with a boss. Tina shares her story of stress and mental anguish on the job…which led her to finding a way to reclaim her life.

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Tina is one of the most authentic and thoughtful people I know. Her work for the breast cancer community is amazing. She’s in her sixth season of the podcast where she highlights stories and resources for those touched by cancer or adversity. She’s also the founder of the Hope Journal Project. Tina is the cheerleader you want on your side…personally and professionally. She’s found tools to help her navigate the job front and shares those with us on this episode.

Reclaiming Your Work Lif3

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