Podcast Episode 3: WNBA’s Katie Smith – Resilience On & Off the Court

Professional athletes can have fame, often good fortune and the great ones take being a role model seriously. Three time Olympian, Women’s Basketball and Naismith Hall of Famer and WNBA superstar, Katie Smith, is that and more. She has always been an authentic spark of positive energy on and off the court. Katie dominated women’s basketball in high school and college as well as the ABL & WNBA professional leagues. In addition, she’s also embraced being a leader and is highly decorated with awards and championships. On top of it all, she’s been a true team player at every level and an advocate to inspire girls to be positive, motivated and strong.

Today on Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast, we talk about resilience…especially during job transitions. Katie Smith, shares her story going from a player to coach in the WNBA. I smiled throughout the interview knowing that so many of her comments were incredibly relatable. We often have to pivot our lives, when something bad happens. When we lose a job, lose a loved one or just lose direction on what we want in life…having some advice on how to handle those hard times can make putting one foot in front of the other easier. Katie Smith has wise words on how she did it in the WNBA…and how we can all do it, as well.

WNBA's Katie Smith: Resilience On and Off the Court

Listen to this episode where Katie shares her gems of wisdom on mindfulness, a personal and professional network. Make sure you stay until then end when we play “The Grateful Game.” She talks about being grateful for good mentors, great family/friends and HULU. We also reminisce about the inaugural season of the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx, our appreciation for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx  organization and her true gratitude toward the fans.

Podcast Episode 3: WNBA’s Katie Smith – Resilience On & Off the Court


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