Ep. 71: The Impact of Wardrobe on Joy and Confidence

Are your clothes tight and it brings you down? Are you headed back into the office or attending more family events and don’t know what to wear? If any of these thoughts run through your mind, this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is for you – showcasing simple solutions to boost joy and self-confidence through wardrobe. After decades of working as a high powered executive, Laura McCarthy of My Styled Life, switched careers tapping into her passion and lifelong expertise. Laura has helped inspire hundreds of women to feel happy and confident in their style choices and through this episode she can help you do the same.

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Laura teaches us that having style doesn’t have to mean filling your closet with the latest trends, or the most expensive designer items. What matters most is finding pieces that make you feel good on the inside and out. We discuss finding staple pieces, working at different price points, knowing what flatters our body types, and much much more. Listen now, to find out easy and simple ways you can transform not just your closet, but your life.

Ep. 71: The Impact of Wardrobe on Joy and Confidence

SHOW NOTES – Ep. 71 – The Impact of Wardrobe on Joy and Confidence

4:47 – Laura explains why style is so important
7:30 – Laura explains about investing in quality pieces
9:10 – What to do when we’re not happy with our current body
12:13 – Laura gives some tips for people who don’t know where to begin
14:29 – Laura tells us about the importance of knowing your body type
15:31 – Building a capsule wardrobe
18:22 – Laura shows us to change our environment so we feel inspired to create an outfit
21:58 – Laura explains how to find out go-to pieces
23:59 – Laura talks about her Dress Happy Challenge
26:06 – Laura discusses the staple pieces to put into our capsule wardrobe
27:45 – Laura teaches us how to work with different budgets
32:36 – Fashion predictions for 2022
36:04 – Laura and Caryn play The Grateful Game

Connect with Laura  – Ep. 71 – The Impact of Wardrobe on Joy and Confidence

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