Ep 52: IVF Journey Provides Tools for an Intentional Life

When you can talk babies, bad days and basketball all in one breath, you know you’ve made a connection. This week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast feels like a conversation with a childhood friend sharing intimate stories of IVF and the angst we all feel during hard times. Three-time Emmy award winning TV reporter and producer, Kristen Hewitt, is known throughout Florida as the sideline reporter for the Miami Heat. She’s also an award winning writer and highly acclaimed entrepreneur running her full service communications agency misMEDIA. On this episode, Kristen shares tools that helped her deal with a decade of infertility that she still uses today when coping with anxiety and life’s stressors.

Ep 31: Anticancer Living – Transform Your Life with the Mix of Six

Do you want to feel vibrant, look your best and perhaps save your life? This week’s guests on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast can help you do just that! I’m honored to share this episode with husband and wife duo and co-authors of “Anticancer Living – Transform Your Life and Health with the Mix of Six,” who have helped many people, including me, thrive with cancer, cope with other chronic illnesses and feel their very best!

Episode 20: How to Get a Good Slumber – The Sleep Whisperer on Stress & Self-care

Having a hard time sleeping? On this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to Ingrid Prueher – aka Ingrid Baby Sleep Whisperer. She’s a holistic sleep expert who offers bilingual pediatric and adult sleep coaching services. Ingrid’s a former Wall Street research analyst who used her love of data and research to find holistic tools to improve the health of her family. She shares her thoughts on how stress as well as self-care can influence our sleep. In addition she showcases tons of tips on how to improve your slumber and your life. There’s something for everyone on this episode as Ingrid is full of resources and tons of fun.

Episode 16: Laura McCarthy – Single Moming & Simple Styling

I’m excited to introduce you to Laura McCarthy, a corporate communications exec gone entrepreneur and owner of My Style Life, on this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. She’s a power woman with a heart and a BIG smile. She highlights her story about being a single mom and reflects on what she might do differently now.

Holiday Health Habits & Stress Busters

Holidays can be stressful. Organizing multiple family functions. Stress! Creating memorable experiences. Stress! Finding meaningful gifts at decent prices. Stress! It can all be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to being healthy, I’ve spent the last six years laser focused on how to live a healthy lifestyle focused on being well. As a two-time cancer survivor, most recently with stage IV disease, I research and try different wellness practices. I always search for modalities that work for me and then can share with others. My goal is to generate healthy living ideas to help make others’ lives easier. So as I jump into the holiday spirit, I’m sharing tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and bust stress this time of year. I believe that it’s all about taking smalls steps toward what you want…

Wellness Work Series: Stress Reduction Tips

As a recovering workaholic, I can easily get sucked back into the grind and stress. If I haven’t completed my to-do list, I set my alarm to a painful early morning hour to finish up the project. My mind is in “rush mode” and body enjoys working in the flow. So I produce a lot in a short amount of time. Yet, in doing so, the heaviness of stress sits on my chest. For many years, I convinced myself that my type-A personality fueled my success. Yes, some stress motivates performance, though research shows continual long-term stress harms our health. So, as a part of the Wellness Work Series, I have outlined a few healthy stress reduction / stress management tips for busy individuals.