Ep. 57 – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk with the Body Image Activist

Do you feel comfortable naked or in your own skin? I’m excited to introduce you to Lindsay Rae – an award winning photographer with a focus on overcoming negative body image. She’s a body image activist and founder of the The Self Love Experience, a boudoir photography experience that empowers women to find beauty in their inner and outer selves. On this episode, Lindsay Rae discusses her incredibly tough upbringing from living riches to rags to constantly being shamed into feeling she wasn’t enough. She tells her powerful story growing up with a family of body builders who focused on physical image and how she navigated her way toward acceptance. I’m honored to have her share her truth – and inspire us to work toward overcoming negative self-talk.

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Show Notes – Ep. 57 – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk with the Body Image Activist

3:56 – Lindsay Rae’s story
7:53 – The profound impact that parents have on their children
9:15 – Moving to NYC at 19 and becoming a photographer
13:30 – How a friend saved Lindsay Rae’s life
15:00 – Forming a positive inner voice in your children
15:58 – How Lindsay Rae changed her own self-talk with 5 conversations
18:46 – Looking at yourself as you exist in the moment
21:19 – How we get to pick the person that the world sees in us
22:37 – The power of affirmations
25:56 – Meditations for mindful moments
27:25 – The power of breathing
28:20 – What self-love means to Lindsay Rae
30:11 – Being “trauma-informed” and how all relationships start with yourself
35:39 – One transformational tool you can use today
38:09 – Caryn and Lindsay Rae play a special edition of The Grateful Game (“what do I love about myself today”)

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