Clean Eating Recipes: What I’m Eating Now

As a “student of life,” I love to analyze what’s being talked about in the health category and whether it can benefit my own as well as the general public’s well-being. The past four years, creating simple clean recipes has been a focus in my life. The more I read about eating a whole food, plant-based diet, the more I’m convinced I feel great because I’m taking care of myself. Many people diet, eliminate the “bad guy” aka sugar and refined carbs, only to find after a few weeks they go back to their normal eating patterns. I’m here to show others how to take small steps toward healthier living.

Clean Eating Recipes What I'm Eating Now

Healthy White Bean Dip – Martha Stewart

I love homemade hummus and white bean dips because they have a creamy taste without the added artery-clogging fat. I buy baby carrots and dip them daily in this dip. Thanks go out to “Auntie Cousin” Beth for introducing it to me.

Frozen Bananas Bites – Crunchy, Crafty, Caffeinated

Now I’m not a banana fan, but my son and husband love them. This post looks delicious and motivated me to create my own mini banana sandwiches. I cut up a banana in thin slices and spread a little sunbutter in between two pieces before sticking them in the freezer. It’s super easy. My son eats them frozen. I’ll also send them in his school lunches. By the time it’s snack time, they have thawed a bit, but still taste fresh.


Lentil Soup – Thank You Honey

I’m a huge soup fan. They’re easy to prepare, cook and serve with little clean up. Most importantly, they are often filled with veggies and beans that provide a ton of nutrients. And as an added bonus, soups are incredibly filling.

Baked Falafel Balls – Meg Unprocessed

College housemates will laugh and tell you how I used to walk around our house eating chick peas out of a can. I’m still that girl who loves white beans. I often dream of eating chick pea falafel, but don’t like that it’s fried. So finding this baked recipe made my day.


Green Smoothie – Pretty Wellness

I sampled our kid-approved green smoothie at my son’s school last week. It was a huge hit. Comments included, “this tastes like candy!” A non-veggie eating nine-year-old boy shockingly tried it and asked for more afterwards.

Chocolate Berry Bliss – Mommy in Sports

For those days when I need a change, I opt for chocolate or cacao. This smoothie sounds delicious and the recipe is in my kitchen to try next.

What are your favorite go-to healthy recipes right now? Leave a link in the comment section below, so we can all try them.

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