Ep. 50: Talking “Brain Inflamed” and Integrative Medicine

Chronic illness, poor mental health and other disorders are topics trending throughout our daily feeds and today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Dr. Kenneth Bock, helps clarify hidden causes of these. Dr. Bock is a leader in integrative medicine with over 35 years of experience diagnosing the root causes of chronic illnesses and restoring balance to his patient’s immune systems. He’s a sought after medical leader; many of his patients travel throughout the world to experience his expertise at tackling medical problems that have been difficult to diagnose. On today’s episode we talk about his new book, Brain Inflamed and take a deep dive discussing inflammation, balancing our systems and eating for optimal living.

Ep. 49: Diabetes Diagnosis Drives Life-changing Innovations

A physician, investor, business executive, diabetes expert and double transplant recipient, Dr. Karin Hehenberger is wow-worthy and this week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. She spent nearly 20 years in leadership positions at big brands, large investment firms and now as Founder and CEO of Lyfebulb – a patient empowerment platform. Diagnosed with diabetes as a teen, Karin has been dedicated to research and innovation nearly ever since. She’s a true wonder woman personally and professionally and her story brings hope for many.

Ep. 48 – Top Ten Tips for Podcasting

We did it. ✨52 weeks ✨48 episodes✨Over 62 – 5 star rating on iTunes / Apple Podcasts = 1 year of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast! On this episode, I’m joined by a co-host, my husband, Kevin, who has spent his whole career working in sports and the digital space so has been incredibly helpful in my journey as an entrepreneur and podcast host. We share intel on podcasting and do a little behind the scenes of our life building my business. We hope you find it not only informational but a bit entertaining, too.

Ep. 47: Weight Loss & Wellness Helps Heal with Nediva Monroe

Have you ever been on prescription medication or a new medical treatment with weight gain as one of the side effects? This week on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, join me and guest, Nediva Monroe, in a conversation about managing weight and improving overall wellness while dealing with health issues. Nediva is a mother of three, an accountant as well as a six year breast cancer survivor with a beautiful success story about losing weight as well as embracing wellness to help her heal.

Ep 46: The Safety Mom on Hard Topics

“The Safety Mom” is this week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. Kimberly King is a 3X time author, mother, sexual assault prevention facilitator and crisis counselor who creates simple tools for parents and kids to cope with hardship. She is all about “preparing – not scaring kids” and parents about tough situations. And she knows first hand…Kimberly is here to share her story and some kid-friendly strategies for families to use today. While the content can be heavy, our hope is that this episode today will make you feel more comfortable talking about hard topics with your kids, at any age!

**TRIGGER WARNING This episode contains information about sexual abuse, which may be triggering to survivors.**

Ep. 45 – A Transformational Assault on Average with Trent Eigner

Today’s guest seemed to have it all yet looks were deceiving. This former professional hockey player and distinguished coach skated toward huge transformation to live a more authentic life. Trent Eigner is an engaged father of six and loving husband, a past collegiate and professional hockey player, soon to be author, and highly acclaimed hockey coach. Trent led his Lakeville North hockey team to the first undefeated season in over 30 years while also compiling the greatest single season record of high school hockey in the state of Minnesota. On paper he was the IT GUY…but the reality was he was incredibly unhealthy, overweight, broke, depressed and fearful in life. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast Trent shares his experience with deep mental and physical changes. His is a story of a broken person who found a way to bring about transformation, even in a perfection-driven society.