Ep. 82 – Talking Parenting Tool Kits and Normalizing Mental Health

The Mental Health Mamas are raising kids and gathering connections to normalize conversations around mental health in this messy world. Tina Hallock and Serena Ward – otherwise known as the Mental Health Mamas – are today’s guests on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast. They are mothers, educators and podcast hosts where they dive into topics ranging from long distance parenting to compassion resilience. On this episode, we chat about raising children with behavioral health challenges and it’s filled with resources, real-life stories and tools for our parenting tool kit.

Ep. 81: Hope, Humor and Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Imagine your life headed down an expected path. Then one day a bike accident literally and figuratively turns it upside down. Today’s guest, Dr. John Lawrence, on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast shares how humor helped him navigate medical school while dealing with a traumatic head injury. John talks to us about how he became resilient, learned to embrace the simple joys of life… and how you can, too.

Ep. 80: How Facebook Sparked an Old School Letter Writing Adventure

When Amy Daughters reconnected with an old friend on Facebook, she couldn’t have imagined how it would change her life. A college football freelancer and humorist, Amy was used to writing. So when she learned her old pal, Dana, was going through hardship, Amy sent her notes weekly. Through the art of being a pen pal, both Amy and Dana’s lives were enriched tremendously. On this week’s episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Amy shares how one pen pal relationship, led her to reconnect with all her Facebook friends. Amy tells her story about why she wrote them all a handwritten letter…and how this changed her life.

Ep. 79: Little Lifestyle Changes with ShiftCon CEO

Do you want a healthier lifestyle, but can’t decide on your next step? We can help. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Ari Adams, CEO of ShiftCon, shares what wellness practices helped her through hardship. Ari’s story consists of twists and turns and her family history led her to make healthy lifestyle changes. Many of these are easy yet effective and she maintains them today for an optimal mind, body and soul.

Ep. 78: How to Navigate Healthcare with Ease

A new diagnosis can bring many unanswered questions. Navigating symptoms, treatments and costs are only the beginning. Trying to research on your own can leave you feeling even worse. Good news – you don’t have to wrestle with this alone. On this week’s episode of “Happiness Through Hardship” – The Podcast, social worker, writer and podcast host, Sandrine Etienne, LMSW, shares tons of ideas on how to manage healthcare and various hardships with better ease.

Ep. 77: The Importance of Mentors and Connecting Authentically

Navigating the workplace can be challenging and at times intimidating. New jobs, new projects, new people and even new outside events influence the ups and downs in life. However, a mentor can be useful in these situations as a tool to guide you through the hardships and successes. This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Tami Nealy, has spent two decades working in corporate communications. Tami’s hardwork and talents drove her successes, yet she has realized that finding and being a mentor could enhance her profession and personal world. On this episode, Tami shares how to find a mentor and connect authentically with people that can help you love your life.