Ep. 61: The Superpower of Gratitude, Giving and Mindful Living

Whatever life throws at her, today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, embraces love, light and lots of avocados. I’m honored to introduce you to Nikki Gallias, a mom, wife, former school teacher and inspirational entrepreneur. She’s a bright spirit who was raised across the world with a challenging childhood. Yet even at a young age Nikki understood the importance of gratitude. High times or low times, she’s been able to find joy and appreciation in life that has kept her going personally and professionally. Her story is at times heavy, yet radiates gratitude, which is her superpower.

Ep. 60 – Ballerina Learns to Dance Again with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had to teach yourself to walk again…or even a lifelong skill that you loved? This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, has done both while navigating chronic illness. Renee Nicholson is a dancer, author and teacher whose life has changed from rheumatoid arthritis. It took getting knee-replacement surgery in her thirties for her to own her unique experience. The humility of this allowed her to reteach herself ballet in a different way. On this episode Renee shares her experiences with professional dance and living with chronic disease.

Ep. 59 – Lawyer Cooks Up Happiness Recipe

Do you know what makes you happy or do you need some help figuring that out? This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast is Rebecca Morrison, a lawyer turned happiness coach and author of The Happiness Recipe. Becky spent nearly two decades with a career in the Big Law and Finance industries managing people and trying to figure out her own happiness. She’s turned her experience and expertise into a business and shares with us today – tips and tools on how to figure out our own happiness recipe.

Ep. 58 – Pharmacist Empowers Holistic Healing

A broken tooth and bloody Valentine’s Day motivated this pharmacist to change her career. On this episode of “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams shares how she parlayed her career into holistic healing and wellness empowerment. She’s a pharmacist by trade and now TV & on-air media spokesperson and talent behind the original web series, “Mom Prescribed.” Dr. Lisa embraces whole, healthy living, and prescribes anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense foods to heal her patients/clients from the inside out. On today’s episode she talks about her top tips and tools for living a healthier and happier life.

Ep. 57 – Overcoming Negative Self-Talk with the Body Image Activist

Do you feel comfortable naked or in your own skin? I’m excited to introduce you to Lindsay Rae – an award winning photographer with a focus on overcoming negative body image. She’s a body image activist and founder of the The Self Love Experience, a boudoir photography experience that empowers women to find beauty in their inner and outer selves. On this episode, Lindsay Rae discusses her incredibly tough upbringing from living riches to rags to constantly being shamed into feeling she wasn’t enough. She tells her powerful story growing up with a family of body builders who focused on physical image and how she navigated her way toward acceptance. I’m honored to have her share her truth – and inspire us to work toward overcoming negative self-talk.

Ep. 56 – The Beauty of Aging

Do you believe that age is just a number? Today’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, award winning author, known for A Delightful Little Book on Aging and now Creatrix Rising, believes there’s beauty and celebration in every age. Stephanie Raffelock is a writer, motivational speaker and former iHeart Radio host who inspires women to embrace the strength and passion of their personal story. Stephanie enlightens women on how to embrace their age…and see it as the next great adventure.