Ep. 69: From Chaos to Serenity – Addiction Recovery

“I was always striving but didn’t know what I was striving for!” On today’s episode of “Happiness Through Hardship – The Podcast, boundaries coach, Barb Nangle takes us through her addiction recovery journey and how she found a new meaning of life. For years she had been going to therapy but never seemed to be able to get to the root of her addiction. Barb shares her new perspectives including the importance of healthy boundaries and fulfilling relationships. She also talks about three tools that helped her and many others find joy and purpose in life. This episode is filled with heart and tons of resources for those touched with addition or other obstacles in life.

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Barb Nangle: From Chaos to Serenity - Addiction Recovery
SHOW NOTES – Ep. 69: From Chaos to Serenity – Addiction Recovery

6:15 – Barb talks about her therapy background and discovering the word ‘codependent’
7:31 – Barb realizes she needs to be reparented
9:14 – Barb explains what Al Anon is
10:55 – Barb shares her history with substance abuse
13:32 – Barb shares the importance of healthy boundaries
14:56 – Barb walks through her Three Tools of Recovery
21:45 – Barb explains how her life has gone from chaos to serenity
23:40 – Barb shares several helpful resources for anyone dealing with something similar
26:08 – Barb emphasizes that addiction is a mental illness and not a moral failing
27:33 – Barb tells us what brings her joy in life
33:18 – Barb and Caryn play The Grateful Game

Resources Mentioned – Ep: 69: From Chaos to Serenity – Addiction Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Narcotics Anonymous:
Cocaine Anonymous:
Al Anon:
Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families:
Co-Dependents Anonymous:
Overeaters Anonymous:
Debtors Anonymous:
Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous:
We The Village:
Faces & Voices of Recovery:

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