Health & Wellness News & Info Recap 4/13

It’s been a busy April week getting ready for our stay-cation spring break. Because we have plans to run around town, play with friends and enjoy the outdoors, it’s like we are sampling our future summertime adventures. We’ll definitely hit the beach, one of my favorite summer hot-spots, albeit in jackets and sweatpants. This summer I hope to be reading and writing up these health and wellness news bites there but in my shorts and flip-flops. Enjoy this mid-April, Health & Wellness News & Info Recap including stories about orange media glasses, a documentary on toxic chemicals in our products and a moral bucket list.

Health & Wellness News & Info Recap, 4/13
Clean Eating

How to Tell if Your Food is Safe After a Recall

It seems that every few months, some well-known household item is on the recall list. This week it’s Sabra Hummus. If you’re not sure how to figure out whether your tub is safe, these guidelines are helpful.

Active Living

Can Orange Glasses Help You Sleep Better

There’s been a ton of coverage the past few years about sleeping well. This isn’t just about the number of sleep hours, it’s also about the sleeping environment. Many of these stories shun the use of TVs, phones and other appliances near bedtime because it disrupts melatonin production that helps people fall asleep. However, a recent study, involving wearing orange glasses for three hours before bed may have some traction for those who want to use devices in the evening.

Non-Toxic Living

The Ultimate Human Experiment: Toxic Chemical Exposure

About a year ago, I reconnected with a childhood friend in San Francisco. When we spoke about my clean living regimen, she asked if I had heard of The Human Experiment. One of her former colleagues was instrumental in investigating and reporting about all the chemicals in our products, which led to filming and directing this eye-opening documentary. Publicity has been ramping up this past week promoting its theater showtimes and VOD release. I’ve been waiting a year to see it and can’t wait. Stay tuned for my review and key learnings from it.


The Moral Bucket List
New York Times Op-Ed writer, David Brooks, recently authored a book, The Road to Character, in which this essay is adapted. It speaks from the heart showcasing traits of those who radiate authentic positivity and live with a strong moral compass.

Do you have your own moral bucket list? What virtues do you try to embrace?


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