Natural Solutions to Prevent Colds for Kids

Do you remember the early months of your child’s life and the fear of sickness that went along with it? Whether you put them in daycare or signed up for mommy-and-me classes, their exposure to the outside world introduced them to heaps of germs. For me, three days into my son’s daycare career, he came home with sniffles and a fever. I cried. I stayed up all night nursing every moan. And I somehow believed that his immune system would be stronger as it fought off these minor illnesses early in life.

Maybe true. Maybe not. Now as a second grader, he still gets sick every now and then. However, it’s minimal with preventative care. I use natural products and modalities to boost his immunity so that he stays well and so do we. If his body is healthy from the start, it can naturally fight off the sickness that gets passed around in school.

Whether it’s nutrient dense foods packed with immunity boosting properties or essential oils that provide antibacterial and anti-viral protection, I’ve found natural solutions work to prevent colds and sickness for my child. We also use elderberry syrup in smoothies, apple cider vinegar in dressings and make sure we follow the doctor’s orders by washing our hands regularly.

We recently shared this information with WTNH’s CT Style reporter Meghan Yost. Over elderberry/blueberry smoothies, we talked about natural ways to boost our immunity to ward off illness during the school year.

Looking for some products to help, here is what we use at home:

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What are your favorite preventative measures to keep your kids healthy during the school year? 

Natural Solutions to Prevent Colds for Kids

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