Episode 8: Laura Saltman – Transformation through Tragedy

This week’s episode on Happiness through Hardship – The Podcast highlights Laura Saltman, an author, intuitive guidance coach, meditation teacher and TV/Digital Host. Her journey from red carpet reporter to Hollywood Healer began after her life was turned upside down – she lost her brother to cancer, her father to suicide, suffered multiple miscarriages and more. Laura NEEDED tools to help her cope and live beyond the pain, sadness and depression. Laura looked for alternate therapies to heal and then she jumped in…She learned, experienced and became and expert, teacher and soldier in the spiritual game. She has learned how to transform lives through connection to metaphysical intelligence inspiring people to think, live and love better. She’s well-versed in meditation, chakra balancing and intuitive healing.

At one time, this seemed WOO WOO to me…and I would have smiled and walked away. Though, in recent years, a dear friend who loved quantum physics would talk to me a lot about the healing power of energy. She encouraged me to be open to all modalities of healing. Then I met Laura on a panel where we both spoke at ShiftCon…. and she shared a similar message like my friend, so I tried more holistic driven healing modalities. When I was open about changing the language in how I spoke to myself, when I was open about finding time to just be in silence and when I was open to using different modalities on how to heal – I felt calm. I felt a sense of peace and I felt good.

I encourage you to listen to Laura Saltman and be open…even if this is new to you or not something you would do. I’ve found it’s been helpful to know what is out there in the world that can help with stress-reduction, ailments and just coping with whatever life throws.

Laura’s journey is a rollercoaster and her heart and soul so kind, pure and helpful to many…we can all learn a lot from her stories and her insights on life.

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Laura Saltman
From L to R – Laura Saltman, Me, Sophie Choi and Christine St. Vil on ShiftCon Panel
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