Places to Donate to Honor Someone Battling Cancer

I’m not sure when to celebrate my cancer-aversery. Is it the day we found the first lump (12/18/2004?) Is it the day of my first official diagnosis (12/29/04?) Now, that I’ve had a reoccurrence, should I commemorate the day when scan reports outlined the probability of metastatic disease (8/29/13?) Or, should it be the night

A+E Networks Wellness Follow Up

I loved spending time with all of you during your off-site last week. I hope the brainstorming session was creative, the deal-making promising and the nights out enjoyable. I truly believe that embracing wellness has helped me thrive physically (healthiest cancer patient I know), professionally (managing tons of work projects with energy), and personally (enjoying

25 Tips for a Healthy Mind & Body

I used to be that person who started her diet or training “tomorrow.” But in recent years, the power of Nike’s famous slogan, “Just Do It” has resonated. An over-thinker to the core, I learned to stop analyzing and just put one foot in front of the other toward a small healthy goal. I remember days with

To Drink or Not to Drink? Quick Findings on Wine & Health

Now that I’m waving the clean eating flag, I have found many substitutions to satisfy sweet and savory cravings. However, I’m holding on dearly to my one splurge – red wine. Ask health professionals, doctors and super-fit friends their take on alcohol and you will find mixed reviews. In an effort to feel good about

Top Five Changes for Healthy Kids: Clean Eating

Being a first time mom, I opted for organic items when my son began eating “real food.” As I tried to figure out parenthood, spending a tad more money on organic foods gave me reassurance that he was ingesting quality items. But as he grew into his personality and demanded “more desserts,” it has become