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A University of Miami study about the benefits of stress management for breast cancer patients was recently documented in the medical journal, CANCER. The Huffington Post covered this story, featured my experience and hosted a panel to discuss the findings on HuffPostLive.

I’m honored to have taken part in this 30-minute show about cancer and stress management. Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani was an incredible host, thoughtful and informative. The panel included study author, Jamie Stagle from Massachusetts General Hospital, Paige Davis of Soul Sparks Meditation, Life Coach Kellie Frazier and Tiffany Denee Jones of

Pretty Wellness on Huffington Post - Stress Management with Cancer


Here’s the entire 30-minute panel.



What’s your favorite way to destress?


  1. Wow! Congratulations! That’s awesome that you were on HuffPost Live.

    When I was in PTSD therapy, visualization was one of the first strategies they taught us. It’s very therapeutic.

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…{these moments: March 2015}

    • Thanks for the kind words. I have to say, I really found visualization to be easy once I tried. Prior to it, I figured the circumstances had to be perfect. It’s really been a wonderful stress releasing tool. Have a great Monday.

  2. Congrats on being featured on Huff Post! I am thrilled you’re able to get your message out there to a wider audience! :)

    My favorite way to de-stress is by working out and napping probably… And not procrastinating! Procrastination = stress = never able to relax AT ALL!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Once Upon A Time… I Had A Large Intestine: Part 2

    • I never thought about how procrastination = stress. You are spot on! It TOTALLY brings out all sorts of negative energy and stress. I try and schedule my day, so that I don’t procrastinate…but that doesn’t always work. ;)

      Also, thanks for the kind words. I had a great time with the panel/host on Huff Post Live. xoxo

  3. Bravo and Congrats to being on Huff Live….. WOW, stage 4 hugs and prayers buddy. I have a friend that is in the last stages of combating stage 4 and we are all rooting for her. As for the BEACH!!! Heck yes, any time and can sprinkle my toes with sand and dip them in the water, my heart soars and my stress levels float away!!!! BTW LOVE THE CRAZY socks!!!

    BritishMumUSA recently posted…One Day Vacation

    • Thanks for the kind words…and the love of my high socks. Someone told me I reminded them of Punky Brewster. Did you ever watch that show years ago? While you don’t have the ocean, you do have beautiful Lake Michigan. I’m sure when you lived in the city it was a stress releaser to just look out into the horizon. As for your friend, I’m so sorry. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers and send good vibes her way.

  4. My favorite way to destress is to curl up and read a good book or write a letter to a friend or family member.
    Crystal Green recently posted…Mother’s Day Gifts That Offer Mother Encouragement

  5. So happy for you and you were amazing! Great answers and so calm! Way to go friend…
    Kristen recently posted…Things Kids Say: The Science Edition

    • Not only were you incredibly helpful in my prep, you also made it fun. Thank you for being so very talented and wonderful. xoxo

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