Ep. 24: Bri Healthy – Losing 150 Pounds and Loving Life Throughout

Have you ever struggled with losing weight or needed the inspiration to keep going with any goal? This week’s guest on “Happiness through Hardship” – The Podcast, Bri Blank Alexander, is the inspiration we all need for weight loss and beyond. Bri Blank Alexander aka “Bri Healthy” is a bright and bubbly wellness expert, TV host, Founder and Chief Inspiring Office of BriHealthy™ and Womenspired™ and her mission is to make healthy living fun. However, her life wasn’t always that way, and she’s here to tell her story about losing 150 pounds and gaining the true understanding of how hard work, determination and self-love can improve your world tremendously.

28 Ways and Days of Self-Love

Back when I was a kid, I was HUGE fan of the pastel, sweet conversation heart candies. Not only did I devour the wintergreen tasting, chalky sugar in my teeth, the messages always made me smile. While those little bites packed me with too much sugar, they also filled me with self-love. Through my own research and journey within wellness, I’ve learned that positivity goes a long way. Our minds can be a big tool for resiliency and help with our own stress reduction. While it takes time to turn around habits, including learning to self-love, at Pretty Wellness we’re here to encourage you to take baby steps toward better health and happiness. While I won’t be eating any candy hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m excited to celebrate by sharing 28 self-care and self-love ideas so we can all treat ourselves a little better.