Health & Wellness News & Info Recap, Week Ending 2/21

It’s pretty cute that my 6-year old thinks we celebrate Presidents Day to honor the birthdays of all Presidents, including both President Obama as well as the President from Daddy’s work. I love that he got excited and wanted to celebrate all of them this past week. His logic makes sense, though, more birthdays = more festivities = more cake. I’m the girl who acknowledges even the smallest milestones. So, I want my son to partake in the celebrations, but cringe at all the simple sugars and chemical ingredients in many of the party foods. That’s why, of all the wellness news stories I’ve highlighted in the News & Info recaps, this tops my list. Announced Wednesday, Nestle USA will be removing all artificial flavors and colors from their chocolates by the end of the year. This and other weekly wellness news and information around the web are highlighted below.

Health & Wellness News & Info. Recap, Week Ending 2/15

The web was appropriately filled with love stories and healthy heart recipes this week in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Stories have also focused on heart healthy initiatives honoring February as “Heart Health Month.” In other weekly wellness news around the web, the “Food Babe” released her first book and The Huffington Post gave us some tips on building a hazard-proof home. Below are some of the highlights.

Health & Wellness News & Info. Recap, Week Ending 2/8

Whether you’re a Patriots, Seahawks or just a Super Bowl party fan, it’s easy to get sidelined from healthy habits during February. Valentine’s Day and winter break also ring in reasons to celebrate. This week’s recap is heavy on the clean-eating news, but also included a few other insightful posts about taking small steps toward better health.


No Boxed Mac-N-Cheese at the White House:
Michelle Obama proclaims cheese powder is not food: Since she advocates a clean diet, she couldn’t possibly let the first daughters eat processed cheese powder.

Petition to remove BHT from Cereals:
We all can learn a thing or two from Vani Hari aka “The Food Babe”. She’s spent years researching ingredients in products, then activating social media petitions to motivate the food industry to remove harmful chemicals out of their food. This week, her petition to remove BHT from cereals caught the eyes of two major food companies.

Clean Eating Recipes: What I’m Eating Now

As a “student of life,” I love to analyze what’s being talked about in the health category and whether it can benefit my own as well as the general public’s well-being. The past four years, creating simple clean recipes has been a focus in my life. The more I read about eating a whole food, plant-based diet, the more I’m convinced I feel great because I’m taking care of myself. Many people diet, eliminate the “bad guy” aka sugar and refined carbs, only to find after a few weeks they go back to their normal eating patterns. I’m here to show others how to take small steps toward healthier living.

Health & Wellness News & Info. Recap, Week of 1/19

If you are new to my Health & Wellness News & Information Recap, below is a roundup of my favorite informational finds from this past week on the web. Since Pretty Wellness covers clean eating, active living (mindfulness and fitness), clean living (non-toxic beauty and home) and cancer information, you will see articles, information and posts under these content categories. Here’s my recap from the week of January 19.

I love this post from Oprah”s OWN page on Huffington Post because the recipes listed are more unique, ranging from parsnip rice to a dessert-like sweet potato soup.

I’m proud that early in my career, if I took a lunch, it was often to exercise. In fact, a few years ago, my colleagues and I started a walking lunch club. So, I got all nostalgic reading about the benefits of walking during a lunch break on the New York Times Well blog. I used to laugh at myself, swapping out my high heels for my running shoes that were kept underneath my desk.

I get excited about clean living tips especially those that include using wholesome ingredients to solve beauty issues. This list from, covers recommendations for wintertime skin and haircare.

Last week, I was on the local news recalling my initial breast cancer diagnosis and sharing resources on how others can navigate through this painful time.

Who doesn’t love Playdoh? Just the smell alone brings me back to my own childhood. Knowing we all used to sniff and sometimes taste it as kids, I was excited to see a DIY recipe for Playdoh made with non-toxic wholesome ingredients from MommyinSports.

What interesting story or posts did you read this week about health and wellness?

Health & Wellness News & Info. Recap, Week of 1/12

If you didn’t join us last week, welcome to the Health & Wellness News & Information Recap. I love to be a “student of life,” especially when it comes to health and wellness. So I will post weekly an easy to skim post where you will get the latest news, information and conversations from the wellness community.

Since Pretty Wellness covers clean eating, active living (mindfulness and fitness), clean living (non-toxic beauty and home) and cancer information, I will look for interesting articles, information and posts under these content categories in the form of my own weekly bullets and links. Here’s the news and information from the week of January 12.


Health & Wellness News & Info. Recap III

What the World”s Healthiest Diets Have in Common: I love this article, summarizing some of the world’s healthiest diets and what they have in common, including plant-based and seasonal produce and whole grains. I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, but not as much about the Nordic and Okinawa ones. If you are interested in learning more about these diets, check out The 5-Factor World Diet by Harley Pasternak.

Is Rebounding Good Exercise: Over the past several years, rebounding (aka jumping on a trampoline) has been promoted as a beneficial exercise for more than burning calories. This week, the New York Times reporter Gretchen Reynolds uncovers the myths about rebounding.

BPA-Free in the news: Last week, I mentioned that Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently reconfirmed its position that people are not being harmed by bisphenol A (BPA). Many activists still refute this position, and there are even criticisms that BPA-free water bottles may be just as unhealthy as the BPA ones.

From Surviving Cancer Twice to Writing Tips & Tales for a Clean Lifestyle: If you haven’t checked it out already, this week my story was highlighted on GottaMakeLemonade, a platform to inspire others to overcome life’s challenges. If you have a story, big or small, where you turned life’s lemons into lemonade, you can submit your story here.


Please feel free to comment below or add your own favorite story or blog post of the week. Think of this as a destination to grab a coffee, tea or any drink, read through information on wellness and join in the conversation.

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